Lee Van Zyl 2016 Annual Forecasts for all Signs


As you begin to unite your personal power within the flow of the Universe to build on and succeed with all your wishes, hopes and dreams.

Overall, in 2016 you should pay attention to how the world reacts to your actions. If you’re in a hurry to get somewhere and you come across a red light or the bus is not on time, take it as a sign that you need to think over your actions. If, on the other hand, you always have time and the situation develops in your favour time and time again without any apparent effort on your part, then it means you “breathe” in unison with the universe. 2016 is a unique time in which active people and unbiased people will have tons of opportunities.

The time to build momentum is from the middle of spring until the beginning of June. Actually, it is a natural trend. The second phase in 2016 will be characterized by a gradual increase in dynamics in all aspects of life. You must bear in mind that now there are no exclusive, global motivations. Any stimulus should be born within you; you yourself must become the initiator. The monkey is a researcher; an experimenter who always seeks to go beyond what is possible. However, there is no point in carrying out an experiment that is doomed to fail. There is also no sense in action which brings about counterproductive consequences. This is particularly true for businessmen and those who are about to start their own business.

The whole of 2016’s summer and the first month of fall won’t be particularly fruitful, even if you did everything correctly. Thorough preparation at an earlier stage will allow you to act in accordance with your intended plan, consistently following through tasks. The monkey is temperamental, passionate, and adventurous, but all this is in moderation and only as long as the situation does not take a serious turn. It’s primarily intellect, and only then is it feeling. Don’t forget about it when you face problems with various solutions. This, by the way, is one of the key trends in this stage; we have to make a series of crucial choices. We will make many important decisions.

All the subsequent months of 2016, starting in October, will strengthen your position. Do not think about how right or wrong you were in doing something. Roughly speaking, it is time to put your ducks in a row. Now there’s no need looking for causes; you’ll have to deal with the consequences. This means that in the final part of the year little effort will be required from us, and if you think otherwise, then you are seriously mistaken or something went wrong. Focus on your own cunning and skill, as coercive methods will not bring you the results you desire. Of course, each situation is unique, but the general trends identify the position of Jupiter and the Sun as the places to be.

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In 2016 Cancers should be able to complete the bulk of their main tasks. The tasks that aren’t fulfilled this year will partly disappear from the horizon of your life and some of them will partially emerge at a new stage in the future, though a bit altered. One thing is certain: you will be capable of achieving all the goals and objectives that you determine for yourself. In order to do so, you need to learn how to harmonize your emotions and doubt less your own abilities.

It goes without saying that for the representatives of Cancer, 2016 will be a quite bright, diverse and in many respects fascinating year, despite the fact that positive situations won’t be that in abundance. The thing is that, according to the horoscope of Cancers for 2016, most of the celestial objects that somehow affect your life will be characterized by the reduced dynamics of their energy impacts. And, for example, we can’t complain about the weaker influence of Saturn as it can be viewed as beneficial for us; however, we definitely cannot say anything good with respect to a significant decrease in the power of influence of the Moon and Jupiter. Overall, this will be an exciting time, and there won’t be time for you to lounge around on the couch! Meanwhile, due to the fact that the forces exerted by the Moon in conjunction with other planets will be periodically changing throughout 2016, it is worth noting an increase in the empathic ability of Cancers, as well as a bright and outstanding burst of energy impacts responsible for their temperament. Thus, in 2016 Cancers who are already renowned for their originality and gaiety will be the centre of attention, particularly the centre of attention of the opposite sex! But do not rush to rejoice! If you are single, this situation will hardly cause you any problems. However, things will be different if you are married and work together with your husband or wife. All joking aside, jealousy is prone to destroy marriages … Though sometimes this state will be fast followed by new ties and marriages… Well, hopefully the year 2016 will live up to your expectations regardless of the course of your actions!

The beginning of 2016 and up until the end of spring (the final decade of May) will seem a rather positive time for Cancers. There’ll be no significant problems and troubles in the sky above you, no situations which may require excessive efforts on your part. Your ship will gracefully sail through endless waves of the ocean of life, geared towards islands you are striving to reach. Surprisingly, you are highly unlikely to encounter even large-scale and significant events taking place around you. And this is best for you, because in fact, your enemies will not be able to inflict any harm on you; your immune system will be incredibly powerful and will be able to, so to say, automatically cope with any external threat. As far as your decision-making is concerned, at this time you will be completely free to choose the direction you want to go; none of the celestial objects will have a decisive influence on you. This is a fairly unique situation, but do not hurry to admire it. When one port is out of your sight, and the captain suddenly can’t find the map that would help him to clearly define the route to a new destination, the ship could easily get lost among ruthless bodies of water. That is, it is desirable that by the beginning of 2016 you have come up with a list of specific desires and set goals that will not change under any circumstances. This will ensure that you withstand any storm, even if the captain is stinking drunk.

The summer of 2016 and the first month of fall, September, rightly form a separate period, as it is during this time that a lot can change. It is worth pointing out that the zodiac sign of Cancer is very versatile which enables its representatives to get involved in a number of the diverse fields. As a result, this quite often brings about not the most positive finale, and we are not talking only about your “love life”. In 2016 you, dear Cancers, will need to learn to control your desires, without reducing their number but by harmoniously allocating the resources that are available to you. The summer will become your testing ground on which you will keep practicing until you pass out. Some on a velvet bed, some on soft meadow grass; everyone will get what they’ve worked for. It is important for you to understand what the world expects from you. The horoscope for 2016 indicates that during this period the Moon will enhance your sensitivity and it will be an additional bonus, which will open up new horizons for you. Do not be afraid to be alone, of course, just for a while. A forest, a campfire, and a starry sky bring harmony to your life and at times calm you down better than spending your vacation in the Maldives. There’ll be a little change by the fall, and most of your attention will be focused now on working moments rather than self-contemplation and spiritual development. September of 2016 will be a very productive month, but don’t aspire to create a multinational corporation in 30 days. Do not try to solve everything, as they say, in one fell swoop. Do not rush, you’ll have time until the end of the year to fine-tune and perfect everything and achieve the ideal operation of your system.

The fall and early winter will be a bit more dynamic but a bit less positive time than the previous stages of 2016. The fact is that the Moon and Jupiter, your key patrons, will, figuratively speaking, step aside… However, no one will be willing to fill it. This means that all the current problems will gather together, so to say, to ambush you, and this duel will be far from fair. Be prepared that your opponents will not resort to the most open and fair methods. And by no means get engaged in a dirty and foul game, the rules of which contradict your principles and moral values. Everything will be far more fruitful if you continue to follow the predetermined direction, without being distracted by any minor tasks. And no matter how hard everything is for you, don’t distance yourself from those who sincerely want to help you. Such a desire will, no doubt, enter your mind and negative situations will only aggravate your perception of reality. However, the stars suggest that you perceive all this as a kind of test and by no means distance yourself from others. It is clear that even one soldier makes a difference in the field of battle, especially if they are American. This time it’s not an imaginary situation, but your life that is at stake.

Crabs, the symbol of Cancers, are amazing creatures. Perhaps there must have been a reason for calling them scarabs in ancient Egypt. In 2016, many Cancers, like the legendary Phoenix, will have to relive an epic fall and no less epic rise. This will be brought about by the combination of the impact of such celestial bodies in the solar system as the Moon and Jupiter. Venus might join the company, though unlikely, so let’s not dwell on it here. The important thing is that in terms of the sensory-emotional sphere, the life of Cancers in 2016 will be surprisingly vibrant, diverse, and filled with all sorts of situations, both amusing and not so amusing.

The first half of 2016, up to the sunset of the third decade of July, will be truly unique. Your temperament, your emotional strength, your charisma, all of these indicators will be, figuratively speaking, off-scale. If you are single, it is unlikely that this will cause some kind of “family” issues. You’ll definitely have to go through a lot, but no doubt there will be fun along the way. If we are talking about a Cancer man, they’ll be able to do literally anything; there will not be barriers or unattainable goals, including in terms of sexual partners. To indulge in it or not is a philosophical question, but the kind of question that is definitely meaningful is the question of whether or not it is worth it. You can make out with the mayor’s daughter, of course, but you are well aware that in a month or two you’ll get tired of her. And you were kind of planning to set up a business in the city… It is not the best layout for you, so you’ll have to think twice before “activating your love buttons”. If you are a female Cancer, then congratulations; you have just won the jackpot. You’ll be surrounded by a crowd of admirers and it will work out especially well if you are alone. But it’s not a laughing matter for the married ones, as your marriage might not stand the test. You will be really close to the danger zone and will have to try your best not to go beyond what is permitted.

Starting from August 2016 to early 2017, the situation will gradually but radically change. Your energy flows will level off, and you won’t attract the opposite sex as wild honey attracts a young bear. In fact, the fall in 2016 for Cancers is the ideal time for beginning a new relationship. It would be nice to plan a wedding for the beginning of winter, if these were initially your plans. Such a marriage will definitely be strong and long-lasting. Of course, the love horoscope for 2016 gives you no guarantees, but a lot will depend on you after all; but be sure the stars will do their job without fail. There will be no difference to which sex you belong. And throughout the entire second half of the year, you definitely will be able to correct your mistakes, including making out with the mayor’s daughter (mentioned earlier in the article). You will be able to rise like a phoenix; the main thing is to select the right time, one that is proportionate to your desires. Overall, this will be a good time and it will teach you a lot. Particularly relevant will be the saying about the two birds, though, if you think about it, and estimate the odds, it turns out that you can kill both. But is it worth it?

Celestial bodies of the Solar system will not endow Cancer representatives with any significant advantages over other zodiac signs. Almost all planets affecting more or less the lives of people born under this zodiac sign, will be minding their own business, so to speak. You can expect some attention from just a few of the planets, and this will be the case solely at specific time periods. So, it won’t be often, but it promises to be quite powerful and spectacular. It somewhat resembles the queen’s audience. However, there’s no need to panic at this point, since the upcoming year of 2016 promises to be quite successful concerning your professional area; making everything on time is crucial for this year, so keep that in mind.

Your career path doesn’t predict any significant changes at the beginning of the year. The only aspect you should pay considerate attention to is your colleagues. Some of them might need your help at this point. Don’t even think of refusing to help, regardless of any circumstances. It doesn’t matter how it looks like, just do what you think is best. Of course, if altruism and striving for justice cannot be found in your day-to-day vocabulary, then…well, it’s quite unlikely that the upcoming year of 2016 will turn out to be successful for you in any sphere! Sincere emotions are in the foreground in the lives of Cancer at this point, so you should definitely re-evaluate your priorities, especially if you have been already scolded for your enormous selfishness and unreasonable ambitions. Overall, the winter-spring period of 2016 will be marked by a solid, though a rather gradual progress, which will consequently unfold during the summer period.

The beginning of warm months of the year promises to bring a significant growth of your resources. You will definitely feel the flow of fresh energy supplied by the stars throughout June and the first half of July. Certain issues in your love life might throw you out of your regular routine, but it won’t last long. The key point is to remain calm, avoid panicking; your heightened sensitivity might play a trick on you, and it’s easy to guess that the trick is going to be quite nasty. So, keep yourself in hand, as they say; besides, the game is definitely worth the candle.

The dawn of the second decade of September will be marked by the beginning of a new period lasting up until the end of autumn. This is the best time to start your own business or take your department to a whole new level! You won’t be able to rely on the support from stars, but it doesn’t matter, since by this time you will be at the crucial point: stars will reveal your opportunities. Follow your path gradually, smoothly and confidently. There’s no need to grab onto everything at once; otherwise, you will end up with nothing and for a long time. You have everything to fully achieve your goals, the only thing left to do is to get yourself together, focus and step back from the emotional aspect of your life. You may rest assured that you will be able to do that with no harm to the latter. At this point you should analyse your previous mistakes, since this way you will be able to gain priceless knowledge. If you make the right choices all along, you will yield significant results by the end of autumn. And winter…well, winter will bring you the joy of relaxation and time to think of new ambitious projects.


The Black Moon will become, probably, one of the few celestial bodies that influence the lives of this zodiac sign in 2016; it especially concerns financial aspect. It is important to note that positive and prospective opportunities lie ahead, which can lead to considerable improvements of your financial state. So, what are you expected to do to grab onto these opportunities? Nothing extraordinary, actually; all you need to do is to use your skills wisely, and act fast at the right moment. The beginning of the year, up until the first days of June will hardly bring you any surprises. Everything will take its course, your business is expected to grow gradually, but steadily. The situation, however, is a bit different for Cancer representatives, who do not have their own business. In this case you can expect a more dynamic development of events, though radical changes are not in question at this point. Your resources will experience an impressive quantitative growth, but it goes without saying that there is no need to spend all of your savings at once. You will definitely need those in the nearest future.

Up until the second half of September you can expect radical changes. The Black Moon will considerably increase its dynamic impact that will reveal its influence in the enhancement of your empathic abilities. Of course, you shouldn’t use this short-term but powerful gift to the detriment of others; but if your own good, that has nothing to do with others, is in question, why not take the bull by the horns? There’s nothing wrong with turning in a politician for a bit, i.e. using the great power of speeches for reaching your goals. Of course, unlike a politician, you have to set a lot more humane and honest goals, otherwise your celestial protectors will decide not to go easy on you. On the whole, this is the best time for expanding your business. Invest as much resources as possible, but don’t overwhelm yourself too much. Your prospects depend fully on how wisely your actions will be at this point, so you will have to stay on the lookout. Don’t constrain your expenses, if you are absolutely sure that they will pay for them-selves in the end. If in doubt, don’t rush, though you won’t have that much time to think every-thing over. Don’t even think of getting involved in some reckless schemes, even if you hear about those from reliable people. Even if a complete bargain is in question, even if someone has done it “a million times”, there’s no need to take this risk at the moment. Of course, every-thing depends on you, but in this case stars recommend quite clearly: avoid all sorts of shady schemes.

The time period between the second half of September and the beginning of December will bring you a new stage in the fight for a place in the sun. At this point a fresh burst of activity is expected and once again you will need to invest resources in your business. This time around you will have to be sneakier and a lot more considerate. Prospects will depend at this point not on the amount of investment, but on the reasonable strategy of its use. If in doubt, ask your “business involved” friends for advice. You shouldn’t be ashamed of asking for help; it’s better to admit your lack of experience in the first place, than declaring bankruptcy in the end.

Representatives of this zodiac sign can expect the upcoming year to be extremely bright and unforgettable; unfortunately, this concerns the health aspect as well. In other words, throughout the whole year quite diverse situations are expected, which will affect more or less your inner and emotional peace. This doesn’t mean, however, that the best solution is to stay at home for the next year, overgrown with beard and mould. All you need is to be a bit more careful and attentive. Attention is the key in this case, since you can avoid 99% of uneasy situations purely by timely reaction to the changes around you. Unfortunately, you cannot expect support from any of celestial bodies, but (revoke a positive attitude here) none of them will interfere with your plans. It’s between you and life circumstances only, a fair game.

If stars are not affecting somebody’s life, it doesn’t mean that they are not watching it (life). This is why some of the recommendations will be quite useful. First of all, one cannot but note that fact the health aspect will be most affected during the first half of the year. And, unfortunately, you won’t be able to predict some of the upcoming events. You should shake off any bad feelings , but in case you haven’t had an appendectomy yet, it is likely that you could have one in 2016. At the same time, the situations, which are usually referred to as “things that always workout for the best”, are in question. At least you will know what to expect. It means that the first half of the year is not the best for long trips, especially for vacation trips. At the same time, you shouldn’t constrain yourself too much. Just live a normal life, but stay on the lookout. Have fun, but avoid walks through rain without an umbrella. And don’t get upset if you catch cold. Perhaps, it’s a sign for you to dig into housework that you could not get around to for a while. Or it might be a sort of a warning, a hint that your life requires changes.

Starting from mid-June the situation will start changing for better. Bruises won’t be waiting for you in every corner, and the general condition will improve. Even domestic quarrels will be a lot easier to handle. You will be less irritable and will be surprised how easily your sick headache fades away, along with small, but annoying problems, which were, in fact, caused by malfunctioning of the nervous system. The time period from summer, throughout autumn and up until the beginning of December will be a lot less stressful compared to the first half of 2016, but you shouldn’t lay down the guard. You are still at risk of being exposed to a bunch of unexpected situations, like the mentioned above appendectomy, which means that you should not be poking a bear. Stay on the lookout, be careful, but at the same time, don’t fully contradict your desires.


Aquarius is the final sign of the air element of the classical (European) zodiac system. According to the horoscope for 2016, Aquarius will experience a quite powerful influence from many heavenly bodies. In particular, it is worth noting the non-standard position of the permanent source of light. This year, the Sun will be very benevolent to all the signs of the air elements, and Aquarius will necessarily fall into its “favourites” list. As a result, Mercury will make a fuss about it, and the jealousy of the lord of earth and celestial trade routes will unlikely work to the advantage of the representatives of your sign.

The negative impact of Mercury may be perceived as especially vivid in the first months of 2016, from January to April. The stars recommend that Aquarius spend the lion’s share of their time on the solution of their working moments during the current stage. This is really fundamental now, even if you’ve planned an unbelievably large-scale event such as a wedding for the spring. If amidst the feast you receive a call regarding your work, you have to, as they say, stay on the line and attend to these subtle issues. None of the decisions should be made now without consulting your opinion first, otherwise, your opinion may well lose all its weight and authority. You should now monitor all aspects of your business. If you are not self-employed but hold a high managerial position, do not hesitate to make use of it. You can even fire people now, though only if it’s fair and they deserve it. This is the only way that will empower you to achieve a really significant outcome, which in the future will result in a real “snatch”. To make a long story short, do not count on a free pass, work hard and put your personal matters in the background. Clearly, it will be difficult … well, this is spring. But until work starts brining fruitful results, Aquarius will have to hold back their temper, pull themselves together and focus on their work.

The horoscope for 2016 for Aquarius has clear indications that from May to the end of July the solar energy will slow down its influence, whereas Mercury, in contrast, will get activated as if being aware that your “defence” has some holes in it. This means that by the summer you need to be fully armed and prepared for any eventuality. You should now feel free to evenly distribute your attention between your family and your work. It will be more difficult for those who work for a “stranger” and at the same time don’t hold highest-ranking position. In short, ordinary office employees will be the “alpha” platoon. This is the one that usually suffers “seventy percent of the losses of their platoon”. But don’t go down into the dumps, and bear in mind the saying: “Not lucky in death, though lucky in love!”. If you do, your personal life will actually reap the fruits of this season. And the “bonuses” you acquire in this area will make up for all the disadvantages and shortcomings in the working area. As a matter of fact, your best option is replace your “work” with “labour”. The difference between the two concepts is clear, so you should realize very well what it is exactly that you should strive for. Make sure you go soft on the people around you (including your colleagues). If you get to grasp the essence of life and, as modern magicians say, your chakras are suddenly “sticking out”, this doesn’t mean you need to share this joyful news with everyone you meet. Of course, this new knowledge should become the property of those who need it, so it really makes sense to talk about it. Some will perceive the information as valuable; some will try to “disown” you as soon as possible. Everything will turn out the way it should. Just try to be more tolerant; don’t keep everything inside, because “knowledge for yourself only” leads to degradation, while “knowledge for all” is the way to your dynamic development.

From the first decade of August and almost to the very end of 2016, the end of November, you will feel something strange literally floating around you in the air. No, this is not the calm before the storm, but it’s more an anticipation for something epic, really important and crucial. It is difficult to say whether this feeling will materialize, that is, whether your expectations will be eventually met. Most likely all this will depend on you personally, which is actually quite logical. Mercury and the Sun will no longer exert significant impacts on your life, while Mars and Saturn will get activated. However, their influence shouldn’t be taken into account. What you really need to consider is how to put your family life back together. Because after the middle part of the year is gone, which will have been full of affection, tenderness and sincere warmth, the final part will seem, to put it mildly, dull and greyish, and the one and only person to blame for this is, no doubt, you. Surprised? Hardly. But the reason doesn’t lie in the fact that throughout the first part of the year you sometimes had to frankly “tune out” your family, as they will get to understand it once they see real results of your work (if they don’t, it will be a bigger problem that will surely land on your plate). Think about what qualities you are clearly not proud of, what features of your character you would like to eradicate from your nature. These reflections are unlikely to take away a lot of your time and effort. Thus, be aware that in terms of the esoteric, religious and ethical formation of the universe, 2016 will be a turning point for many people. And it is nothing like the invasion of Normandy in World War II. You will rather move to a new level of awareness of reality. Or maybe, after being afraid of spiders for your entire life, you’ll suddenly discover the charm of these multi-legged “cuties”.

In December of 2016 you will traditionally sum up the results of everything that has been happening to you over the past eleven months. With a high degree of probability you will be satisfied. This year, no extraordinary efforts will be required from you, though you’ll come across some exceptional events on the way. Remember that the goal does not always justify the means, and, as we know, the process is often more important than the result.

2016 will be very successful for those with the zodiac sign Aquarius. However, this statement will hold true only in terms of work. Regarding your “love life”, the grace of the Sun, the current patron of Aquarius, will not always be so selfless and boundless. Probably, many situations will make you freeze, because in most cases you will encounter such a situation for the first time. However, this doesn’t imply that you have no chance for a positive outcome. Let’s just say, there’s a chance, no matter how slim it is, and it may be enough to roll up your sleeves and go through a variety of hardships to achieve the desired goal. In addition, such a difficult period will not last long, just until the middle of spring; beginning in May everything will gradually but steadily come back into harmony.

From the end of spring until the middle of summer, the 2016 love horoscope for the representatives of Aquarius indicates that their personal relations will neither flourish nor give them special impressions. Everything will be in harmony, but calm, perhaps even too “dry” (in all respects). But you are unlikely to concern yourself with this, because it will turn out that you will need the lion’s share of your resources allocated towards your working and financial spheres; there will be a lot on your plate. Your “second half” will be a reliable rear, and, coming home, you’ll be met with a happy and sweet smile. You won’t have the energy for anything else but work, so no rows or quarrels are expected in your love life. At the same time, it’s better not to plan any weddings, engagements or other lavish ceremonies for the first half of the year. It will not be the best idea, because Venus’ support won’t be as strong and, as a result, the event will turn out beautiful, but not particularly sincere. Besides, chasing only pathos and hypocrisy is not right, and often can be punished.

But from the end of June until October 2016, the situation will begin to change more dynamically. If you are single, then you’ll be faced with more than one, let’s call them, “options”. Which one to choose is the eternal question, so it would probably be logical to listen to your heart chakra (which, by the way, is located not in the heart area, as you may think, but in the solar plexus). Treat the words of others with extra caution. Not all of them are sincere, but you are perfectly aware of this yourself. Do not get too keen on esotericism, but the basics of energy metabolism are still worth exploring. Now you’ll be particularly vulnerable to various external influences, so it is necessary to take preventative measures. You will be able to find the books you need on your own, despite the fact that 99.999% of all available current information is total nonsense or profanity. The main thing is to define the clear basis for yourself, which will help you in making a start in your thinking. You can even banally divide the world into “black” and “white”, the main thing is to have your feet on the ground. And, of course, don’t forget about your sweetheart who needs to be protected as much as you do.

The representatives of this zodiac sign can expect the upcoming year of 2016 to be a rather peculiar, but definitely bright and unforgettable at some points. The Sun will surprise you with its significant interest in your life at the beginning of the year, and on top of that, this star will change its orientation, however ambiguous it may sound. A quite unstable position of Mercury will add another peculiar aspect to this scenario. The work aspect of your life will require your undivided attention starting from January and up until the beginning of May. Even if you have a wife or a husband and a bunch of monsters….sorry, kids and everyone requires their share of love, care and warmth, you will have to find a way to devote a lion’s share of your life energy to career and business. This promises to be a rather difficult time period of your life, but stars have not prepared any crazy inhuman obstacles for you. You will be able to overcome and solve all issues, especially if you take into account that fact that you will be filled with solar energy. It would have been better if the royal ruler of terrestrial and celestial trade routes was more sustainable, but nonetheless, patience wins the day as they say. This saying describes best your current situation.

The time period from the first half of May up until the end of July 2016 will bring gradual changes. You will finally feel a great relief. The flow of solar energy will decrease, but at the same time all the problems and concerns will fall back. You will have more space for action and hidden opportunities will reveal themselves as well, but there will be no way of including them in your life anymore. Everything will be balanced out by the beginning of summer and you will get yourself prepared for any scenario heading for a long run; besides, most of your work processes won’t require your undivided attention. This means that it’s time to relax and you can focus on solving other issues. The work aspect won’t bother you, everything will follow a calm and harmonious path. There’s no need to rush the things up bringing in radical changes or business improvements. The August-November period will strengthen the above mentioned tendencies, but only in case you drop by your office from time to time. Regardless of your incredible success, you have to be the one controlling the process, even if it’s just for the purpose of presenting an appearance of control; this way your subordinates will feel a lot safer. If you are a regular office worker yourself, you shouldn’t expect much changes in this case; you might notice, though, the growth of your ambitions, since a couple of solved project issues and a promise of noticeable career prospects promote such tendencies.

December of 2016 promises to be quite effective concerning your professional growth. This will be a sort of a triumph of all your previous actions. It doesn’t matter if you forget something at this point. You will reach the finish line of your path, beyond which…there will be a new goal and new paths to follow, perhaps yet unexplored, which is even more exciting. The key point is to believe in yourself and not forget those, who supported you at difficult times.

For almost half of the upcoming year, up until the beginning of May, Aquarius will be, so to say, in the limelight. Throughout this tough period you yourself will be literally arresting the desires of others; yes, precisely desires and the most diverse ones. Situation will worsen by the fact that the professional aspect of your life will be requiring your undivided attention and it’s easy to guess that your future financial state will depend directly on your success in this direction. This will be quite dynamic and bright period of time, full of various uneasy situations. Nonetheless, you will succeed, since Aquarius has a peculiar ability to get away with every-thing. If you haven’t discovered this magnificent talent of yours, this is the best time to do it.

The situation will somewhat change between May and July, since by the beginning of this period your hard work should yield quite noticeable results. Meaning that it’s crucial to solve all of your issues by the last autumn month. You will have to focus on work at this point, since from now on things will take a serious turn. You do want to have a nice fat money-belt, don’t you? In fact, by the beginning of summer the working process should balance out and though it won’t be requiring a lion’s share of your attention, it doesn’t mean that you should ignore your accountancy. If you run your own business, it’s quite reasonable at this point to follow a simple rule: trust everybody, but cut the cards. If you are working for somebody and holding quite a responsible position, you’d better focus on making changes to your personnel policy. If you are a regular office worker, then it’s time to think of radical changes, perhaps you need to think of finding a new job. All these guidelines will help you get ready for the upcoming period, especially concerning financial aspect.

The time period from August to November will take the automation of business processes to a new level and as a result your income will increase. If this is not your case, you are facing significantly endless opportunities for your business development. You will have to analyse care-fully all your actions for the past year, look through all documentation to find your mistake. The stars are quite precise in this case: there is a real possibility of taking your business (or your department) to an absolutely new level, and if you are not experiencing this at the moment, it means something went wrong. Stay on the lookout, but don’t go to the extreme; you can easily forget about present by digging in the past. Though there won’t be too many questions requiring your undivided attention , you will still have to work on them.

December will turn out to be the brightest month of the upcoming year, especially concerning your income. Meaning that at this point you will feel a powerful energy outburst (thanks to Mercury, your constant supporter) that will help you find the solution to any problem. You shouldn’t, however, focus too much on accumulating resources, don’t forget to present yourself and beloved ones with some pleasant expenditures.

In 2016 people born under this sign will experience an increased influence of the Sun, the lord of the sky dome. On the one hand, this is solely a positive moment, which guarantees balanced immune system and increased defensive options against various diseases of non-physical origin. At the same time, one cannot but notice a decreased dynamic impact of Mercury, which usually provides Aquarius with life energy and blocks a greater amount of negative effects from the outside. This fact unobtrusively implies that 2016 may bring some health issues to the table of this zodiac sign’s representatives; diseases related to gastrointestinal tract are in question. Of course, Mercury is not the only one to blame; the combined influence is in question, but that’s not the point. You will need to pay extra attention to what you are eating in 2016.

The first part of 2016, specifically the time period from January up until mid-April, won’t cause any significant troubles. At this time you should just follow basic personal hygiene rules, like washing your hands before meals and answering nature calls regularly. Hygiene is the key to a healthy state at this point, and you should take it quite seriously, because cleanliness (the moderate kind, or it’s better to say appropriate), indeed, solves a whole bunch of various issues, which in the end develop in the form of “unlikeable” stool and stomach-aches. That’s why you need to be extra attentive towards yourself; this is all you will need to stay healthy.

Starting from the end of April up until the first half of September, your immune system will be working routinely, so you can lay aside the fears of various epidemics and other dangers, which occur in places crowded with homo sapiens. This time period puts at risk those Aquarius, who have specifically dangerous jobs. At this point the risk of getting an injury, and not specifically a work injury is extremely high, but it will be undoubtedly related to your professional activity. It’s hard to be more precise in this case, that’s why attentiveness is the key once again. And don’t forget about the safety rules. So, try to prevent even the slightest mistakes, since they might cost you too much.

At the end of the year, starring from September up until the third decade of December, there’s a risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases, related to digestive organs. And once again the gastrointestinal tract is at the highest risk. This means that you should minimise the chances of eating meals that were not subjected to heat treatment. And, of course, wash all the food you are going to eat! This is all you need to do to lower the risk of falling ill at this point. Fortunately, the whole year of 2016 promises to be quite balanced and harmonious for you.


For the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries, 2016 will be a rather harmonious and balanced year. In fact, this situation is aberrant, as according to the horoscope of Aries for 2016, Mars, already a quite aggressive planet, will be negatively-tuned towards those born under your zodiac sign. But, as they say, Aries are fearless and can break through all walls in a literal sense! Therefore, the year of 2016 for the representatives of your unique constellation will be fairly successful, not without, of course, some subtle issues. First of all, it’s noteworthy to stress the abovementioned fact: for almost the entire year Aries will be deprived the protection of their key ally in the solar system, the boisterous god of war, Mars. Had it not been for this fact, the astrological forecast for 2016 for your sign would be fantastic. This tragedy is quite large-scale, comparable only to that of the loss of the Obi-Wan Kenobi and his mentor Qui-Gon Jinn. However, as in the case with the legendary Jedi, despite all the difficulties and obstacles, Aries will eventually become stronger, wiser and more persistent, even though they already possess these qualities to an extreme degree. The idea is that Venus will confront Mars, and one can only guess how this confrontation will influence the lives of those born under the sign of Aries in 2016; the help coming from Venus is always unpredictable. It is clear that it will bring about some positive aspects into your life, but how amazing or ambiguous they will be is hard to predict. But it is possible to define the key phases into which we can divide the horoscope for 2016, specifically for the representatives of Aries.

The period from the beginning of January to the end of March 2016 can literally be called a testing ground for experiments. At this time Aries will be in a relentless search, not only in the work field, but also at home; some of you may go through an inner quest. In other words, the representatives of your zodiac sign will feel the irresistible urge to changes, but what exactly you should aspire to is yet for you to find out. Of course, the result of such a situation can easily be a total confusion mixed with depression (a very foolish state that does not really exist). Some of you may feel blue while others will be, let’s say, exempt from these side effects. The former category of Aries will be the most efficient in the working sphere. The outcome of your productive performance may well be a start-up of a new business. And all this will come out of nowhere: only yesterday you were wearing a cheap Korean suit with a fake and roughly sewn D & G logo and now you are driving to your next meeting in a new Mercedes. It’s an exaggerated example, but it allows you to visually assess the scale of possible changes. It goes without saying that everything will depend on Aries themselves, their desire and a combination of their will and perseverance. In our time it is undeniably very impractical to rely on a prince or princess. Isn’t it better for you to become an epic character yourself for someone else?

The horoscope indicates that the period from early April to mid-July of 2016 will be shakier for Aries; it will be, quite frankly, an ambiguous life stage. Despite the fact that throughout the first quarter of the year Aries will be relentlessly and without rest “searching for themselves”, this doesn’t imply that success in this search will bring peace to their lives. As they sing in one old song, “we’ll see peace only in our dreams!” In the spring and in early summer, Aries will be strong and self-confident, but the world around them won’t seem so bright. You’ll have to face a number of unpredictable situations that are likely to refer exclusively to your financial sphere. And since everything in this world is tied to money, it is easy to imagine that problems, like a spider web, will spread to all other aspects of life for these beautiful creatures of the fire element (Aries, of course). As a result, the representatives of the zodiac sign Aries will have to try hard to survive this time with minimal, so to say, losses. Under no circumstances think about going on vacation; this is not the right time for relaxation, otherwise, the risk of losing everything that you’ve been working on within the past few years will be significantly increased. In fact, your friends can come to your rescue. Aries should listen more to the advice of the people who are close to them; weigh thoroughly, with all haste aside, all pros and cons before making any decisions.

Starting from the second half of July to the end of September of 2016, Aries will finally have a chance to relax. All troubles will stay in the past; there will be an impressive skylight looming ahead of you, and everything will be clear and relatively pleasant. This life stage, albeit short, will be very promising for Aries in terms of beginning new relationships. And this doesn’t necessarily concern the Aries who are single because situations can be different, so it is definitely a manifestation of stupidity to judge a person without having a full picture. In this respect you should understand that any decision you take will be true. If a person acts in accordance with their conscience, follows their senses that are backed by the will of reason, then it will hardly be fair to call their decision wrong or miscalculated. And do not even think about the so-called “principle of the lesser evil”; this is another foolishness, which has some roots in reality, but often results in an objective hypocrisy. That’s why you should not listen to others, and be sure to follow your heart, whatever it tells you. Your primary goal in this period is your inner harmony. Just spare the feelings of those who are dear to you; do not stoop to telling lies and hypocrisy.

October to December of 2016 will be relatively calm, and yet Aries will have to solve some dilemmas at this time. Firstly, at the sunset of the year, many people often put all their efforts into their performance at work, sparing no effort and literally working tooth and nail. This is not the right strategy for you to adhere to, at least not this year; otherwise, Mars will drain all your powers and your best case scenario will be meeting the New Year lying in bed with a fever. This is a very serious warning, which should be supplemented by the fact that at the end of 2016 Aries should focus their attention on the family hearth, rather than on some working points. This will be the right way to go, which will allow you to save your energy and resources, and open up new opportunities, which you’ve, perhaps, never thought of.

In terms of the sensory-emotional sphere, 2016 for Aries will turn out to be restless and overtly unstable. However, it is difficult to say for sure how negative this stage of life will be in terms of personal energy, because Venus, conventionally having no impact on the representatives of this zodiac sign, will be on the side of Aries this time around. To be precise, the celestial lover could sometimes, let’s say, be “naughty”, but such insinuations would rarely go beyond the pale. Therefore, it is logical to assume that in 2016 Aries will experience no lack of love affairs. Just do not “turn up your nose” while playing a locally-tailored Casanova. Everything will be less epic, but more subtle, especially because the Sun won’t stay on the sidelines. As a result, you’ll find yourself in a very interesting and many-sided triangle, the description of which is nothing compared to its consequences.

If we are talking about Aries who are single, everything will develop quite sedately. Due to some obvious reasons, you will face, roughly speaking, a quite difficult choice. But it will apply only to the first quarter of the year, when you will have a difficult time trying to define what you actually want. This time will be harder on Aries-women, and a little easier for Aries who are married. The former ones will be packed with a wide variety of concerns, which in reality to be absolutely unimportant; and the latter ones will be able to receive the necessary family support. Of course, subtle details remain. If, for example, you “enter” 2016 with unresolved family problems, the situation will only get more complicated.

By the end of spring and all of summer 2016, you will definitely feel calmer and more at ease. In many ways, it will be due to the fact that personal problems will take a back seat, and you will be able to focus on more manageable tasks. Although things may turn out quite differently for some Aries, home and family will be a key front on which you will have to “fight” for a long time. Representatives of Aries will go through no significant negative events, according to the love horoscope for 2016. They will face only minor rows and quarrels, which, meanwhile, can easily escalate to become real scenes if they are not duly dealt with. Fortunately, Venus, with the support of solar positivity, will be able to dot all the ‘i’s’ and cross all the ‘t’s’, and chide you, perhaps, for indecision. Of course, you’ll have to try hard to overcome this period. But do not try, so to say, to please everyone, as from the standpoint of morality, it can be viewed as your weakness, to put it mildly. So be honest and frank; tell people what you feel to be appropriate. Do not change yourself to please your friends (that’s why they are your friends), and even more so, to please your opponents.

The second half of 2016, in terms of the sensory-emotional sphere, will gain some stability and is likely to merge into a single stream, which will pick you up and you bring you to golden shores. It is likely that you, not the circumstances, will be in control of your fate here. Basically, it was this way before, but now everything will become easier and more transparent to a higher level. So you will not have to play Romeo and Juliet; it will be enough to clearly focus on the assigned tasks and move in the direction of their completion. As the saying goes, through the thorns to the stars ( per aspersions ad Astra Latin). Just make sure you choose the right stars; they say it is chilly on Alpha Centauri. But all joking aside, the second half of 2016 will allow you to fix a lot of mistakes and build your personal life. If this is unnecessary in your case, just be happy.

Aries running their own business can expect the beginning of the upcoming year of 2016 to bring a whole bunch of new opportunities. Surprisingly, but even without Mercury’s support, Aries will solve all their problems in no time and reach their goals at once regardless of the chaos around them. Of course, this is just a mere prediction, but key tendencies are quite obvious and well-defined. However, Aries who have no business of their own, those working not for themselves and those scolding the whole world for their misery of getting to work every morning, can expect the negative tendencies to worsen radically. Of course, slight deviations and dramatic changes might take place, but on the whole the situation will turn out to be quite certain. Overall, up until the end of spring (approximately until mid-May) Aries will be swamped with work and family business. It doesn’t necessarily need to be something negative, but it will hardly leave any free time for other aspects of Aries’ lives. As it was mentioned before, those with no obligation to report to their superiors, will have a rather easier time at this point (you shouldn’t avoid reporting your taxes though).

It is important to say that this specific time period will indeed endow you with a variety of opportunities regardless of your professional speciality or your income. Though you will have to make great efforts to gain a reasonable profit. However, on the other hand, stars do not predict significant issues on your way, and even the furious Mars, your main opponent, will not reveal great activity or put you at risk at this point.

The beginning of summer 2016 will bring you a great relief. The toughest issues will be solved, and future promising projects will be outlined. The crucial point now is not to get used to the feeling that everything falls into place on its own, with minimum effort from your end. This will be the case only in June and till mid-July; the situation will change, however not dramatically, afterwards. Stars recommend to follow your sixth sense at this point. The thing is that Mercury, being the main supporter of Aries concerning their professional growth, will remain indifferent to the lives of its protégés. On the other hand, the Sun will be in the right place at the right time, as they say. As a result, Aries will be filled with great flows of energy and embrace a new increased level of sensibility. Empathic abilities are in question at this point. It is similar to the way a professional poker player somewhat instinctively, but undoubtedly knows the opponent’s hand. The same is in your case: you are unlikely to know exactly what’s going on, but will undoubtedly make the right choice without additional information and time-consuming thoughts. You’d better follow your instincts up until the beginning of autumn, and if it turns out that the contract your are about to make seems quite fishy to you, though it doesn’t have any visible flaws, it’s better to abandon such a deal. Secure your business beforehand.

The situation will start to balance out by the beginning of autumn and by the end of the year it will stabilise itself. Aries running their own business will be able to take it to a new level, and those working for others will finally get a desirable high-ranking position. Of course, this all happens in an ideal world, as usual. Reality may be a lot tougher. Indeed, the situation may be quite opposite of what you’ve been expecting, but it all depends on a whole bunch of personal peculiarities of various Aries representatives. The upcoming year of 2016 will show a great level of productivity and by the end of the year all tendencies will fall into their rightful places. That’s why the end result will fully depend, in fact, on the amount of efforts previously made, and on a tiny bit of luck, since you won’t get far away without it.

Probably, the financial aspect of Aries life in 2016 will be least predictable. However, this doesn’t mean that key tendencies of a defined life period cannot be foreseen. It’s more about being prepared for anything unexpected, even in seemingly plain situations. And here’s the first warning from the stars: stay on the lookout and don’t forget to double check everything you can get your hands on, don’t take anybody else’s word for it. Of course, this doesn’t concern your best friends. If you don’t have any reliable people around, you can expect the year to turn out being twice as worse in that case. Well, what can you do…one cannot fight single-handed, as they say. And if there’s no one around to hang out in a bar on a Friday night, if there’s no one to comfort you, then you are facing some serious problems. Another quite unpleasant situation will be awaiting Aries in late spring, somewhere around April-May period. The core of the problem consists in that you will be open to a few new opportunities, one of which is crucial for you to grab on (in case you don’t want to “slave away for a few pennies” for the rest of your life, of course). The trick is that you will get only one, maximum two real chances among a dozen of useless ones. It will be quite hard, since you will get no help in this case; neither friends, nor family will be able to do something about it. However, your voice of reason and common sense will come to the rescue. Stay on the lookout, you won’t have much time to think over, so you will have to act fast. Just keep in mind the fundamental Dekartes’ postulate: question everything, absolutely everything. This is a good piece of advice, you will need it.

By the end of summer 2016 you can expect the situation to balance out. If you have made a completely wrong decision before, you will have to start over again. You will find yourself being close to penniless, and this news won’t make you dance over the rainbow. This is still, however, not a life-and-death matter. Besides, it is likely that you will be able to make the right decision, and then by the end of June you will know for sure where your tortuous path leads you to. Of course, it implies great effort from your end, so you will have to try really hard at the end of spring. But it will be definitely worth it. Even though the result won’t be quite comparable to all the effort made, you will be definitely happy with it; more importantly, you will find new allies along the way. These will be the people you are most likely end up working with at your side up until December, when everything foreseen by the stars will happen. The effectiveness of this cooperation depends solely on you, but you may rest assured that stars always have their reasons.

The time period between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn will not be marked by noticeable activity or significant events. Everything will fall into place in accordance with your previous decisions. In other words, nature will take its course, so you can expect a stabilised financial situation. Quite significant “outside” bonuses will not be a surprise as well. However, at this point Mars implies that everything will directly depend on your karma, or, in other words, on decisions you’ve made long time ago. By the end of autumn the situation will get fully balanced out, nothing will threaten you, though you should keep in mind the main hint from the stars for the upcoming year, so stay on the lookout just in case. You will greet the end of the year set ready for action and will be prepared for all kinds of trials. And though none of those are expected, you shouldn’t lower your guard, as you might need it for other, non-large-scaled situations. Either way, the year will end with a noticeable financial growth in the lives of all Aries without exception.

All matters concerning health are traditionally one of the “stronger” aspects of the fire signs, and of the Aries sign in particular. But will 2016 continue the aforementioned tendencies, and will the stars smile upon people, born under this magnificent sign? The answer isn’t set in stone, but it’s a positive one. First of all, we have to note the increased influence of the Sun. This already is a huge upside, which clearly speaks in favour of the fact that Arians won’t spend their year moving from one hospital to another. At the same time Mars, in 2016, will cooperate with Pluto. As a result, Arians may suffer from some small, but very unpleasant problems, such as an accidental bump against a table, or a skinned knee… It’s hardly a real problem, but there’s nothing nice about it either. In order to protect oneself from this kind of incidents, the stars recommend being extremely cautious. Not very original, is it? But the thing is that we aren’t talking about cautiousness on a mundane level. Arians are highly recommended to look into themselves, as deep as possible, and to effectively eradicate all the weak spots. After all, the real reason of all these misunderstandings, which appear as hurtful failures in the physical world, is hidden in the depths of your inner self. Think about this and find an adequate answer, preferably – before spring comes to an end.

As the summer of 2016 begins, the situation probably won’t be a stable one, but you will have definitely determined the sources of this mess. There’s a possibility of developing a common cold, and as for the especially “mettlesome” Arians of the male sex, they might expect problems of the “STD” type. In order to avoid all of this… well, the stars aren’t giving any clear instructions about this part. But remember, that forewarned is forearmed, and that is already a big deal. Take an extra trip to the drug store and, perhaps, you will avoid any serious problems. Also you have to dedicate more of your attention to your relatives, throughout the whole summer your health will directly depend on their well-being. If someone starts to get ill, you have to come to their aid immediately, regardless if they want it or not. Use all of your persuasion skills, insist if needed. It’s vital to do so now, so that you can avoid the majority of your problems in the future. In the end, you have to agree that it’s not a very pleasant scenario, in which you have five red-eyed “zombies” strolling around your apartment, with their snot down to their knees (sorry for the harsh expression). And what if there’s a little child in the house…

Another key point to remember in 2016 – don’t rely on traditional medicine! Of course some raspberry jam with tea is still a great idea, but in all other cases, it’s better to consult with a professional. Of course, you might think that your body should deal with all the problems by itself, and that natural components are the best. But don’t lure yourself into a trap; all of these arguments are true for a world that doesn’t exist anymore. With the ecology in its current state, the total pollution of our environment and hordes of previously non-existing viruses, our body isn’t as strong as it used to be a hundred years ago. And don’t forget that the grass in the forest has also changed its molecular structure over the years, and those changes were not for the better. This is an important detail, which is sadly often overlooked. Thankfully, the situation will stabilize towards the end of the year, and your hale health, which is common for the Arians, will return to you. If necessary you can drink some vitamins, but you don’t want to go overboard with that, especially in late autumn. In the winter you can even jump into ice-cold water, without overdoing it, of course. Remember that a reasonable restraint – is the key to both progress & success.


For Capricorns 2016, will be an unstable, though fun time. It is possible to divide this period into five basic phases. The onset of 2016, from the beginning of January to the end of March, is likely to be rather “dry”, gray and monotonous. Not negative, though not as dynamic as you might have planned. So don’t think about any large-scale celebrations and other events of, so to say, an enjoyable nature. If, by any chance, you’ve planned a vacation for this time (well, if!), it is better to reject this idea. And it doesn’t necessarily mean that your planned trip will fail to happen (in this respect, everything will be all right), but the range of experiences that you receive from it will be far lower than that in a different astrological scenario. Therefore, your horoscope recommends that you postpone the events from which you hope to get maximum satisfaction to a later date in 2016. Apart from this, it is noteworthy that at the beginning of 2016 Capricorns will have to hold back their ardour; otherwise some difficulties in their “love life” might emerge. So be careful and mind your words.


The second stage will begin at the sunset of the third decade of March and will be completed in the first days of June. This time will be incredibly bright and active, unlike the previous phase. This is the time to realize as many ideas and plans as possible. Mars will be your current patron and its powerful energy will be of great help in any undertaking. Particularly excellent “bonuses” will be waiting for you in your working area, so it makes sense to plan important events and significant negotiations for this time. If you hold a senior-ranking position, you can be sure that now is your “finest hour”. Do you remember this TV show? It’s not a big deal if not, because now you may well obtain the “seat” that you have long laid your eyes on. You’ll certainly need to put in some effort, but no superhuman actions will be required. Just be careful, sincere and persistent. Mars will help you defeat your opponents; the main thing is once you go on the offensive, don’t step aside no matter what.

The third stage, which will begin with the arrival of summer, will end at the onset of the first decade of September. This will also be a fairly quiet and peaceful time. However, this phase won’t be as “dry” as the previous one and will appear to be more harmonious. According to the horoscope for 2016, no epic events and turning points are likely to face Capricorns; everything will move forward following a pre-determined course. At this time you may well reduce your activity both at work and in terms of personal relationships. Any heavy duty investment of resources won’t make any sense now, so do not even try to, figuratively speaking, jump over your head. This is a good time to think about your health. It makes sense to start going to the gym, or even just to go for a run in the evenings. One circle around the house will make you feel like a real, lively person. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, because it is now that your biorhythms will be the most susceptible to physical workouts.

The fourth stage will begin from the second decade of September and will last for a little more than a month. At the peak of the fall, when many people go through depression and other negative emotions, you will find yourself in the middle of a crazy whirl of events. This phase will largely mirror the second one, but with some rather significant differences. Firstly, you will have to put a lot more time and effort into your family. And the concept of “family” is much wider here than your mere “second half”. Pay more attention to your loved ones, including your best friends. Some of them may need your help now. Even though it’s not a large-scale event, in the end it may well be this moment that will have a key influence on many of the episodes that will occur in the future. So don’t be lazy and display altruism. Just don’t confuse a sincere desire to help your neighbour with a pious aspiration to “earn” good karma. Destiny cannot be fooled.

The final part of 2016 will be fairly amusing for Capricorns. If before you had no idea what time is best for planning a vacation, a wedding, or some other truly epic celebration, now you’ll get rid of these issues. Be prepared that not all your plans will come true. And there won’t be a need for it, because even if half of your aspirations will be accomplished, everything will happen in the best possible way, even merrier and brighter than you planned. Because of the special and kind of peculiar spirit of this period, some extremely amazing things will happen to you, predominantly funny, maybe a little preachy, but exceptionally vital and able to charge you and your surroundings with positive energy. It will be a quite natural ending of such an unusual year, which, according to all canons, does not match the tone of overall energy levels of Capricorns. But most importantly is that by the beginning of December you will suddenly realize that some of your basic principles are, in fact, far from ideal.


Representatives of the zodiac sign Capricorn will experience a powerful ideological and spiritual leap, the possibility of which you didn’t even guess. Even if you did, you definitely didn’t expect such embodiment. So do not worry about all the little failures that you are sure to encounter more than once throughout the year. More importantly is that at the end of your path you will gain something bigger, something really significant, something that is relevant both to your destiny and to your development as a person.

For Capricorns, the dark and mysterious zodiac sign, 2016 will be quite ambivalent and ambiguous. Periods of strong and frantic dynamics will alternate with phases of outright stagnation. As far as your “love life” is concerned, the year will begin easily and confidently. All of the previous trends will continue their logical development, and you will be able to safely move towards your set goal. Despite the fact that until the end of March your life in general will not be very active, you will be able to solve any problem and meet all the challenges that stand in your way. The only thing at this stage that is best to avoid is planning a wedding or any other event related to dramatic changes in your sensory-emotional sphere. It is better to refrain from throwing big parties and you should replace them with a romantic dinner for two; you and your significant other will benefit from it much more.

However, during the period from March to June, Mars will activate and life will become, as they say, much freer. After all, Mars, a boisterous, heavenly warrior, is responsible for Capricorns’ blossoming and vitality. It will be a bright, powerful and dynamic time. If you are single, you can consider some curious affairs, so to speak, to tickle your nerves. This will be a good and positive time that will require little serious thinking and superhuman efforts to achieve the desired results. You must certainly make allowances for the effects of this, as with the advent of fall your energy levels will dramatically change and you will be overwhelmed by a complete depression. Therefore, you need to resolve all the issues right now; there will be no time for that later. Accordingly, it’s better to plan any romantic journeys for the summer, because from the very beginning of fall, the situation will gradually change in the direction of deep emotional stagnation.

It doesn’t mean that it’s bad; on the contrary, it’s rather necessary, because a lot of energy will be required from you in the winter. Many plans, constant movements, activity and dynamics will be present. Despite the fact that nature will be “captured” by a severe frost, you will bloom again, figuratively speaking, a second spring will come into your life; this will concern, in the first place, your personal relationships. If you have seriously thought that another affair may be a mistake, now you will radically revise your attitude to this issue. However, it won’t necessarily change anything. Maybe you were right, and now your thoughts will only be confirmed. But don’t get too hung up on your concerns, as there are thousands of roads ahead of you and it will be tempting to try them all out. The main thing is not to forget about your loved ones and remember that this is your stronghold, your last line of defence.

Overall, 2016 will be quite positive for Capricorns, albeit volatile and not very stable. Harmony is out of the question, but you’ll find out from your own experience that you don’t always need harmony to be happy. Sometimes, sincerity alone is enough.

The stars in 2016 will have a great effect on the lives of Capricorn. This is why the upcoming year is filled with significant changes; quite diverse metamorphoses are in question at this point: from a sudden desire to have a teeny-tiny butterfly tattooed on your precious shoulder to starting your own business that will go all out during the very first months of its existence. At the same time, you should keep in mind the so-called side effects, which usually accompany all the “favourites” of a certain celestial body. The powerful, though volatile energy dynamics is in question; meaning personally for you that the success of your actions will be not marked by solely your right decisions. The most diverse and unexpected circumstances come into play, that’s why at this point you need to be extremely focused, mainly on your inner state, if you want to reach your goals.

The beginning of the year up until mid-May as well as the second half of 2016, mainly from mid-September till mid-October, will turn out to be the least successful concerning your business development. So, don’t even think of planning some significant events for this time period. “Significant” in this case means something rather “important” than a “huge gathering of people”. Events important for the growth of your business should take place some other time. Do everything you can to make it happen, otherwise your professional growth this year might take a rather nasty turn. Pay great attention to every small thing, since the devil is in the details. But you should not be worried about a huge evil dude with a flaming trident, you’d better focus on your day-to-day routine, which will be causing a lot of trouble throughout the above mentioned time period. So, try to stay concentrated, no matter how hard it is. Don’t try to control everything, ask your friends or relatives for help if necessary.

The whole summer as well as late autumn together with frosty December will bring you the joy of endless opportunities. This time period will be filled with dynamic growth and life energy. Use this knowledge wisely, since this is the time to take action, work your brains out. Unleash your full potential as this is quite necessary at the moment. Don’t worry, hard-working is not going to become your habit and you won’t get overworked, since stars will try really hard to fill you with a necessary amount of energy. This is the best time for sealing the deals, signing agreements and approaching your boss seeking for promotion. When the stars are obviously favourable, everything will fall into place they way you want. All you need is to make a little effort.

Financial aspect and business related sphere won’t be shining brightly for the representatives of this zodiac sign throughout the whole 2016. You can expect getting involved in a handful of peculiar events, and the support of the Black Moon binds you to take part in various backstage scheming, which is not quite uncommon for your zodiac sign. On the whole you can expect the upcoming year to be rather successful and with the right attitude you will be able to increase your income significantly by the middle of the year. You shouldn’t focus too much on radical changes, however; sometimes it’s far more safer and promising to work with whatever you’ve got, making your way though gradually and systematically. The upcoming year has to become a sort of a breather for you, regardless of the fact that, as it has been already mentioned, this year will be full of various bright events.

January-May period is unlikely to make you worry about any dramatic changes concerning your financial aspect and work area. Your resource base won’t cause any trouble either. You shouldn’t expect outstanding bonuses however, but you will definitely get a chance to earn additional profit “on the side”. So, there’s no time to relax, even if the circumstances contribute to it. This time period will be marked by a great decrease in energy flows, making a way for depression and dull mood, which is not motivating at all for dynamic development. Though this is not a reason for letting your spirits down, there’s no need to worsen the situation, everything will find its way eventually. The situation will mostly depend on the way you, figuratively speaking, behaved at the end of the previous year. You can call this karma, but it’s more
reasonable to perceive this as a cause-and-effect relation.

The beginning of summer might bring significant changes. Your work efficiency will increase, you will feel a lot better. Financial aspect should not cause you any trouble either, that’s why it’s a good time to go on vacation, since you will need a lot of energy in the nearest future. You can hardly call Capricorn hard-working people, but if you notice a sudden urge to “work until you drop dead”, you should brush off this feeling right away. This will not help to increase your income and, on top of that, it will only drain your life energy.

The beginning of autumn will “present” you with dull routine and depressed mood. Up until November you shouldn’t expect any bright moments, but if you started your own business during the first half of the year, you will definitely keep yourself busy. It will be toughest for Capricorn representatives, who haven’t decided on their life goals, i.e. for those who, roughly speaking, don’t know what they want. The situation is quite uneasy and you have to solve it and solve it fast. If you have set your goals beforehand and are motivated enough, you may rest assured that autumn spleen won’t affect your money-belt. Besides, significant changes (once again) are coming in November. Once again you will get on your own feet and can easily state that you’re extremely close to making your dream come true. But there’s no need to cut down expenses at this point, this is definitely not the thing you need.

The representatives of this zodiac sign are going to feel a great effect of stars in 2016. The stars will turn out to be more of a patron, rather than a proper ally, concerning the health aspect. For a time period of at least from the beginning of the year until mid-summer, Capricorn will be defenceless against negative effects from the outside. The representatives of this zodiac sign, however, will be full of power. That will be enough to avoid getting sick, regardless of the fact that they are at a higher risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases related to gastrointestinal tract and nervous system. There is also a great risk of falling ill with chronic tonsillitis. To avoid the lion’s share of possible problems Capricorn just has to be extremely attentive towards oneself, starting from the beginning of the year up until mid-April. It’s better to minimise the number of strolls in the open air until the air warms up enough. Even if you are used to go running in the evenings regardless of weather conditions, it’s not the time to follow your instincts. It will be a lot safer for you in the end! This is not the time to fool around with your immune system. The beginning of spring will balance out the situation, but you will still be at a great risk of catching a cold. Taking tons of vitamins as a precaution when you have some health issues is not the best decision.

The beginning of summer will bring you the joy of feeling a lot better; however, the pace of your work won’t stand out as significant until the beginning of autumn. Summer will be quite a safe period concerning health aspect; so, it’s better to go on vacation now, in June or July. August promises to be quite a balanced season as well; however, the increased dynamic influence of Jupiter might cause you some issues with liver. Autumn will present you with acute respiratory system issues, but it’s about seasonal disorders that have nothing to do with your personal health issues. What you really have to pay attention to is the health state of your relatives. Try to prevent situations when people close to you start neglecting their own health for the benefit of, for example, work. It is extremely important to build around you literally a healthy atmosphere. First of all, successful actions in this direction will help your beloved ones; second of all, this way you will lower the risk of falling ill yourself later in mid-autumn and at the beginning of winter. How convenient when altruism does good for everybody, including yourself! But in this case it’s more about taking care, rather than pure altruism. By the end of 2016 you should not expect any troubles; the beginning of winter will turn out to be quite successful in all meaning and you will be celebrating New Year in a pretty good shape.


The year of 2016 for the representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini will be a fairly successful time, quite dynamic and harmonious enough, perhaps not as simple as we would like, but clearly positive in terms of energy levels. The first thing worthy of our attention is the position of Mercury according to the horoscope of Geminis for 2016. We are not talking about a global shift or change in the location of Mercury, but in general, “the lord of heaven and earth trade routes” will be empowered by a greater influence, much bigger than in its normal state (especially in terms of energy). Specifically for Geminis, this situation will be embodied in the fact that you will obtain certain advantages that will allow you to significantly move up the career ladder. This statement also applies to those who run their own business and don’t work just “for a stranger”. Again, it is necessary to take into account individual characteristics, as for a Gemini who is ambitious, focused and harmonious, the year of 2016 may truly become a watershed time, the outcome of which will bring about the fulfilment of their dream. At the same time, for Geminis who are too lazy to get off the couch, everything might take a more prosaic turn.

Winter and early spring of 2016, including the end of the first decade of April, will not be so epic and filled with large-scale events. Pluto will get activated during this period, and it will be accompanied by not the most positive influence of Jupiter, a fairly strong and boisterous planet, promising nothing good to the representatives of Gemini at the beginning of 2016. As a result, one should clearly state that it is better not to plan any really serious events at this stage, like a wedding or signing any pivotal agreements between companies. It is highly probable that even under the most favourable circumstances you won’t get the result you counted on. This is by no means an urge to inaction or a certain action; it is a warning that should be used wisely, in accordance with the actual circumstances. As they say, God helps those who help themselves. In any case, it is clear that the beginning of 2016 will not be the most dynamic and positive time for Geminis. It will rather be a peaceful and quiet time, when the best option is to refer to yourself, to your inner world.

According to the horoscope of Geminis for 2016, from mid-April to the beginning of the summer, situations will change, but not drastically. That is, you should slowly but surely move towards your target, using all means at your disposal. The biblical saying “Whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek turn to him the other also” will not find place in your life during this period. But there definitely will be place for another that says “treat others the way you want to be treated”. Treat respect with respect, and people’s lack of principles and selfishness should be handled with stern justice. At the same time you should not forget that many of the people around us are crafty experts at, as they say, chitchatting. But bear it in mind that no man or woman is defined by their words. You will need to be insightful and sincere up until the very beginning of the first months of the summer of 2016. Both your “love life” and progress at work will largely depend on your actions. The main thing for you now is under no circumstances force people around you to do anything. Provide them with offers and ideas as well as opportunities but do not require from them immediate implementation, otherwise even the brightest idea can seem off-putting for them. If you want to be a leader of people, or introduce to them your phenomenal ideas, start with yourself. If possible, show the benefits of certain directions by setting the right example on your part; that’s the best way to go about it. Now you may think that you’re not interested in leading anybody. But in reality, it is not true. Geminis (as well as Cancers) are the signs that are most often born to be ideological and spiritual leaders, often against their own wish. You can call it your fate or destiny, or come up with another metaphysical definition, but there is no doubt that 2016 will prove this statement to be true.

The rest of 2016, from June to December, will merge into a single entity. Most likely you will have to work hard in the summer to achieve at least some results by the time fall and winter set in. Traditionally, things tend to develop in a different way: we usually have a rest in the summer and with the arrival of fall get down to work, studies and so on. For Geminis in 2016, everything will take a fundamentally different turn, and this will be the only way that will enable you to achieve your goals. You should be certain that if at that time you do everything in your power, then, dear Geminis, you will not be left alone. Many things will change for you and they will sparkle with new colours. No doubt you’ll encounter some obstacles and some people will certainly disappoint you with their actions in this difficult time of change. Don’t take it personally, because no one can escape domestic problems and squabbles; they used to be and will keep appearing in our lives in any case, and this does not depend on any individual factors. You need to learn to “navigate” among all these social aspects of modern society and then you will meet those people on your way with whom you’ll be able to realize your most ambitious plans. In the summer of 2016 and in early fall, you will have many opportunities to practice so that by the winter you have a lot of “aces” up your sleeve. Under no circumstances lose confidence in yourself, and remember that you always have a strong shoulder you can lean on in a critical situation.

The end of 2016 will be enthralling for Geminis. You are most likely to be astonished by your own capabilities and it will definitely be a pleasant surprise. Just don’t get blown away by the awareness of “your own self-importance.” Keep in mind that you are not alone on this planet, and your success hasn’t been achieved only due to your credit merits. As a matter of fact, overnight you can suddenly lose everything that has been created over the years, although it will be quite natural if someone’s heart is full of selfishness, and the place of reasonable altruism is taken by uncontrollable narcissism.

For Geminis, 2016 will be quite peculiar and ambiguous, but not in terms of the sensory-emotional sphere. This year many of your vital resources will be aimed at solving a variety of problems related to work, career and finance. It is unlikely that 2016 will bring you a wedding or the birth of a child. However, if that’s what your heart really wants, nobody will be able to prevent this from happening, even Mercury, your current patron, who will be responsible for balancing the scales significantly in favour of work over love. However, why rush things and move, so to say, against the flow, especially when the flow is so brightly outlined?

Speaking about the beginning of 2016 including the middle of June, there is no point in contemplating any serious changes to your “love life.” That is, if you have decided, as they say, to create a new family, do not rush on this issue, no matter what the circumstances are. Even if your sweetheart pushes you, say straight out that you need to wait until the end of summer. These are the recommendations given to Geminis by the love horoscope for 2016. If, after such a statement, your “significant other” will radically change their behaviour, and not for the better, or even break off the relationship with you, you can truly thank God for showing you the right way. The fact is that for many it will be the time for testing their feelings. And do not worry if you had your hopes set high on the relations that didn’t live up to your expectations. Also, remember to rely on your own intuition, because situations can be different, and sometimes you are a better judge of the situation than the stars.

But with the beginning of August, you will literally begin a new life. From this point on you’ll start some relationships from a clean slate, whereas others will take an unexpected turn. This applies not only to personal relations, but also relations with friends, family and colleagues. By the way, don’t feel down in the dumps if your ‘work affairs’ succeed first. It’s not a big deal, especially if there’s somebody waiting for you at home. Now there will be many temptations around you, though nothing extraordinary will be required from you; only basic honesty and openness, nothing out of the ordinary. Also, there is a possibility that you will find yourself, as your mother would describe it in your childhood, in bad company. Of course, it will be directly connected with your new sweetheart. You might say an untameable heart? Maybe you can’t make your heart do what you know is right, but you can try to explain it to it. For example, why would you want to ruin your life for the sake of the one who, perhaps, feels for you, but can hardly sum up two and two, but can drink up a litre of beer in one gulp? There is no guarantee that such a situation will be on your way in 2016, but it’s good to be aware of the possibility. Forewarned is forearmed.

Mercury, the traditional patron of this zodiac sign’s representatives, will be the one behind a lion’s share of troubles brought down upon Gemini at the beginning of the upcoming year of 2016. But this doesn’t mean that the above mentioned “troubles” imply solely negative aspects. Regardless of the fact that winter and the beginning of spring 2016 for Gemini will be marked by a significant presence of Pluto, a planet with rather dark and negative energy flows, the whole upcoming year of 2016 will bestow upon this zodiac sign a great amount of positive vibes. The unexpected position of Mercury in 2016 can indeed unsettle you somewhat, but soon enough you will realise that positive changes are in question at this point. You will feel a considerable energy flow and reveal some of your hidden talents. Probably, the first half of February will make you realise where, figuratively speaking, Mercury pinches. The royal ruler of terrestrial and celestial trade routes will slightly hint you about the ways of improving your financial state in no time. This will be the best time for those decided to start their own business. However, office workers, even those holding not the highest positions and with rather weak ambitions, can expect significant bonuses.

By the end of spring Pluto will reveal its full activity and you will have to slow down your pace a little bit. Sometimes you just have to let your engines cool down. This phrase perfectly describes your current situation. The summer of 2016 won’t bother you overusing all available resources. Don’t you even think of planning any significant events for this time period; it especially concerns signing any agreements or sealing the deals. It resembles somewhat the beginning of 2016, but at that moment you weren’t aware of available options. And now, when all cards have been put on the table, it’s time for action, though rather considerate. There’s no need to rush into letting the whole world know about your quite ambitious projects. And it’s not plagiarism that you should be afraid of at this point (though this, unfortunately, is a rather common case). The thing is that the negative impact of Pluto might affect the outcomes of your efforts in the least pleasant way, meaning that all your previous accomplishments and achievements will be cancelled out.

The beginning of autumn for Gemini will establish the time period usually referred to as “the time to scatter stones”. Not taking into account metaphysics and descriptive etymology, autumn of the upcoming year of 2016 will turn out to be the most productive and successful period concerning work aspect. The key point is to remain confident and believe in yourself. You will find yourself surrounded by a lot of people concealing their real intentions, related to jealousy and materialistic interest, under a mask of radiant kindness and helpfulness. Don’t let them interfere with your determination! You have already outlined your future path quite clearly, so there’s no need to take into account advice from others, especially if they make you doubt everything you’ve made up your mind about. By the beginning of winter you will definitely reach your goals and if you make extra effort, you will be celebrating a truly epic win at the end of the year.

The representatives of this zodiac sign can expect a great increase in their income during the upcoming year. It’s doesn’t mean specifically radical changes, like finding a new job. However, the increased impact of Mercury, the long-established ruler of this zodiac sign, undoubtedly implies that you will get a handful of possibilities, meaning there’s not much left to do. The very beginning of the year will be marked by a significant support “from above”, which should be taken as an explicit call to action. It’s hard to say though, how fast you have to be in taking decisions, since it’s absolutely personal. Someone might feel the need to wait at least till the end of February, others might lose all the chances if they don’t start working in the right direction from the first half of January. Stay on the lookout, try to catch the given chance. Other-wise, it will be quite a pity.

Mid-spring (around the end of April) period will provide a breeding ground for starting your own business. Probably, this will be the best time, since both terrestrial and celestial energies are favourably disposed towards new professional beginnings at this point, meaning that your business will be most likely successful. Taking this into account, you can expect significant financial expenditures in spring, so it’s not the best time to go on a shopping spree. Of course, you can buy a new car, for example, instead of investing into your own business. But then you will end up with a big fat nothing, since all the opportunities will be missed. Don’t try to get your hands on everything at once, act fast and cautiously at the same time, keep in mind that most profitable projects are usually the long-running ones.

Summer will bring you calm and peacefulness. Your work pace will slower a bit, financial state will balance out and no significant obstacles are expected in foreseeable future, at least not the ones you have to worry about at this point. So, relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t rush into action, let the situation boil down a little on its own, with minimum efforts from your end to influence it. Of course, there’s no need to let the things rip, controlling everything here and there is your primary goal for the moment. But you shouldn’t interfere in situations, where you will only get underfoot. Besides, financial state will stay in a perfect order and your prospects will turn out to be more than bright.

The beginning of autumn will force you to cut your expenses, since you are expecting a considerable business development. Meaning that September-November period will not be the easiest one concerning financial aspect, since you will have to abandon a whole bunch of acquisitions in favour of prospective investments. In return, if you use this chance wisely, you will derive a profit above all your expectations as soon as in mid-December. In other words, 2016 expects you to constrain yourself quite often, but the result will be definitely worth it.

The overall energy level in 2016 will undoubtedly cast a positive effect on Gemini. The increasing dynamic influence of Mercury is expected, which will stand out as a strong supporter of health aspect for the representatives of this zodiac sign. It means that throughout 2016 Gemini will get no chance of exacerbation of chronic diseases if there are any. It concerns all types of diseases. You cannot but agree that it is a significant bonus, but unfortunately, this is where the salutary influence of Mercury stops taking its effect. 2016 predicts that Gemini will be one of the few zodiac signs that are not expected to receive a work injury. Such a striving will be absolutely defining in the first half of the upcoming year for most of the people born under this sign.

Upon digging deeper, the upcoming year warns Gemini to stay on the lookout for diseases related to personal life, especially during the winter-spring period. Yes, various infections, which are usually directed to gorgeous and majestic celestial priestess – Venus – are in question. To avoid receiving a wonderfully blooming STD, all you need to do is to be careful. Perhaps, a lecture on intimate safety rules is quite unnecessary. Nonetheless, one should keep in mind this fact; it especially concerns the fair sex, since at the moment they are more vulnerable to diseases of this kind. Otherwise, no significant outbursts are expected up until the beginning of summer.

The time period between the very beginning of June until the blooming mid-Autumn of 2016 might be marked by a rise of short-term depressions among Gemini. In fact, their emotional disturbance might be quite reasonable and for a few days they might go…no, not on a drinking binge, but go deep inside themselves, which in the end is not the worst solution in this case. Long-term depressions will turn out to be quite out of place, especially by the end of autumn, when the failing immune system of Gemini will be downright weakened. It’s hard to say what will be the cause of this “malfunctioning”; the important thing is to keep up your emotional security, especially during the transition period between summer and autumn. Emotional and inner peace will literally secure your physical health. If you are going to worry about the whole world, you will simply start falling apart without any visible reason. Be careful, don’t start feeling sorry for yourself, because life is dynamic, it’s all about going straight ahead and being active. The brighter and faster your life is, the less likely you are to win a prize in a form of a nasty disease.

Late autumn predicts a great lift of your spirits; emotional and inner peace will take a turn for the better; and, as a result your physical condition indicators will be off the charts. You can put aside all fears related to viruses; however, reasonable precautions should be at hand, meaning that running barefoot on a snowy day for a while is a nice way to harden yourself, but staying in a room packed with unhealthy people is definitely not the greatest idea.


For the zodiac sign Leo, 2016 will appear to be quite ambiguous, in many respects unstable, but according to the final results, fairly positive. You will not come across any exceptional opportunities and there won’t be any pivotal and life-changing points expected in your life. In fact, what will be required from you is doing your job and sticking to your initial plan. The horoscope for 2016 reminds the representatives of the zodiac sign Leo that a long time familiar and trodden road is not necessarily the most successful one.

In the first place it should be noted that the actual patron of Leos, the Sun, in the first half of 2016 will be depicted by the increased dynamics of positive influences. In other words, people born under the sign of Leo in 2016 will feel a strong inflow of vital energy, their work performance will definitely increase, and their life goals will gain sharpness and clarity. But, as always (!), one should take into account some subtle moments. Firstly, we are talking only about the first half of 2016, which means that by the end of the summer a powerful impact of the solar energy on the representatives of your zodiac sign will come to an end. This doesn’t imply that Leos will be left without heavenly assistance and will not be able to count on the successful resolution of difficult situations. The lion is an allegory of power; thus, stay strong! Do not forget that nature has endowed you with sharp fangs and no less sharp claws. The fact is that the closer you are to the middle of the year, the more often you will have to refer to your “lion” nature, as long as this nature doesn’t unfold in the way it did in “The Wizard of Oz”. Well, you’ll be lucky if you find a compassionate Ellie by your side. But what if you don’t?

Speaking in more detail about the onset of 2016, it should be noted that in the period from January to the end of March, Leos will, figuratively speaking, experience the peak of their power. At this time, you will be like the legendary Julius Caesar. And we are not talking only about the oratory of this historical figure. Feel free to start a few things at once and do not doubt that you’ll be able to finish all of it in the nick of time. It is essential to take into account this point, because a second chance to achieve similar results in the foreseeable future can never present itself. Apart from this, at the beginning of 2016, Mercury, the lord of heaven and earth trade routes, will be on your side but your financial sphere will be rather ambiguous. It’s hard to tell how successfully or not events will develop at this time in your “love life”. Nothing outstanding or exceptional will probably happen, but it is necessary to take into account individual factors, because lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, just like you can’t find two identical Leos. You’ll have to rely on your intuition and possibly overlook the seemingly logical arguments of your reason. It’s not a panacea but a quite trustworthy and reliable lighthouse, following which you may well be able to achieve all your desired goals.

From April until the end of June of 2016, the situation will not change radically. The positive energy of the Sun will confidently continue to supply Leos with all necessary tools: resources, capabilities and luck. The only thing that the representatives of this star sign will have to do on their own is not to lose faith in themselves. Despite the fact that Leos are not apt to suffer from this “disease”, closer to the middle of the summer you may become exposed to a long-lasting depression. The reasons may be diverse, and even total success in all spheres of life does not necessarily prevent such sentiments from occurring. In this situation, the stars are not in the position to give you any specific advice, so you will have to make out the intricacies of your sensory-emotional experiences on your own. As a matter of fact, temporary melancholy will have no significant impact on the lives of Leos. That is why it is recommended to draw your attention to family relationships, which, although not characterized by any complex or controversial moments, will still require your thorough attention. In reality, this point will be closely linked to the next stage of your life, which will begin with the arrival of August.

The final month of the summer, August, will mark the beginning a new phase, which will be radically different from all the previous periods of 2016. Starting from this moment, the sun will not be so favourable to your zodiac sign, and therefore Leos will feel a sharp outflow of vital energy in all directions. This will be manifested in a high decrease in your work efficiency, but fortunately at this moment a growing critical aspect of the situation will be kept to a minimum, for by the end of the summer Leos might have already implemented the majority of the planned projects for 2016. It is worth noting that at this moment the representatives of Leo may feel the awakening of new features, in general, inherent to all “cat species”. Have you ever seen what a lion does with a cardboard box? In this regard, this animal hardly differs from an ordinary cat, with the exception of its size, of course! That is, this massive beast, a rightful king of nature, simply climbs into the box and enjoys its life from there. So in the fall of 2016 Leos (now referring again to the zodiac sign) will instinctively look for the “box” they can hide their head in from everything, and, of course, we don’t mean any particular physical object here. At this time, many of you will feel an irresistible urge to escape and hide from the world like the man in Chekhov’s famous story. Fortunately, this is not the worst thing that can happen to the homo sapiens species. In addition, according to the horoscope of 2016 for Leos, no major problems are foreseen either at your work or in the family circle. Some aspects such as small quarrels will require more consideration from you, since their timely resolution will be a real guarantee of the absence of major problems in the future. But you’ll be able to handle these issues as you go, without having to apply a large amount of resources to the situation. The main thing for you now is to cope with your spleen sadness by the beginning of the winter; all the rest, as they say, will come along.

For Leos, 2016 will be marked by a total patronage of the Sun; a fierce, powerful object of our planetary system, which is the traditional ruler for the people born under this sign. In terms of love, this situation will have a dual character. On the one hand, Leos will stay strong as well as assertive and persistent in their personal affairs; that is, they will be almost impossible to push around, even with the most powerful, seemingly compelling arguments. Although persistence (or obstinacy – who knows?) is, so to say, the genetic characteristic of Leos, this year it will turn out to be particularly useful. The Sun will empower Leos to struggle for their happiness. So don’t be ashamed to be tough, uncompromising, perhaps even rude, but, of course, at the right place and time. Proceed sensibly and in no way impulsively. When treated with respect, respond likewise; when challenged, fight back with all your courage.

However, the support of the Sun has a downside (what doesn’t?). The thing is that the Sun is an implicit antagonist to Venus, which means that the celestial mistress is unlikely to be able to gain access to Leos. It just will not be able to break through the powerful energy shield erected by the Sun. What consequences can this bring into Leos’ lives? If, for instance, you have planned a wedding this year, it is better to postpone it. Seriously, this is not the best time for tying the knot. Of course, if your feelings are sincere and you are ready to accept your “soul mates” as they are, with all their flaws, then you are unlikely to be disappointed and knocked out of the saddle. But everything can happen in life, right? And sometimes your confidence alone is just not enough; so don’t take risks and your feelings will not be hurt. In general, the lack of any kind of influence from Venus will have an adverse impact on you, so at certain points stay doubly careful.

The first half of 2016, including the spring and summer until the end of July, will be the most stable phase of the entire year. Of course, we are talking exclusively about the sensory and emotional aspects of your life. In the winter, everything will go without a hitch, but closer to the beginning of spring, some quite controversial moments can come up in your relationship with your sweetheart. Do not let them develop further! Solve all the issues on the spot, without equivocation. This is the only way out because if you let those petty domestic conflicts gain momentum, they can seriously do you harm in the future. At the end of the summer, from early August until the end of December, the situation will dramatically change. Your spiritual quest will coincide with your sensual one. Many things will seem strange to you, as well as untimely. It is now necessary to listen to the advice of those who are dear to you, who you consider to be your loved ones. You won’t be able to succeed without outside help, so listen to what you are told or you’ll end up in an ocean of mistakes. And, of course, listen to your heart, but do so thoroughly so that you are able to separate reality from your desires.

The upcoming year of 2016 promises to be extremely lucky for this zodiac sign’s representatives, especially concerning their celestial patrons. The Sun and Mercury will be guiding Leo throughout the first half of the year. This tandem is significantly powerful, especially taking into account the fact that the Sun is the rightful patron of Leo! This means that you have to grab onto every singly opportunity you see in front of you. And it’s better to start from the very first half of January, no slowing down for you. If you think that the whole world suffers from a terrible hangover during the first ten days after the New Year, trying to recall the “end-of-the-year party”, you are quite wrong. This is the best time to lay the foundation for your professional future. First of all, there will hardly be any competitors. And second of all, energy flows are just whooshing around in the “after party” air; this is a significantly fresh time full of hidden opportunities. Keep that in mind and act fast from the very beginning of January. Up until the beginning of summer success will pursue you whatever you do. You will surprise people around you by your incredible ability to do an enormous amount of things on your own! Of course, the coast cannot be clear all the time; since, a rolling stone gathers no moss, as they say. Keep in mind that you can rely on the support of celestial bodies, but you shouldn’t lag behind either. Analyse your actions and environment, learn to draw right conclusions. Your voice of reason is your central ally. Follow it in any situation and don’t let others doubt its power. The Sun is way different than Mars, of course, but this star is quite warlike, so don’t ignore to push through by the use of force when necessary.

The second half of 2016, mainly somewhere around the first decade of June, will be dramatic changes. First of all, it is important to say that this is the year when Leo representatives will be most likely exposed to devastating depressions. This state can be caused by a whole bunch of factors, but this is not the point. The aspect you should fully focus on is separating the paths of your emotional love life and professional growth; you have to avoid this collision by all means. Otherwise, the lion’s share of all your efforts will be in vain. Don’t mix your work relations with love adventures! Family business has to stay at home and work related issues should stay at the office. This is the rule you should follow throughout this time period. And even if you consider yourself an incredibly determined and strong-willed person, there’s no need to take risks. Avoid conflicts by all means, just step back from the things happening around you; your emotional aspect will balance out on its own, but your work aspect will require your undivided attention up until the end of December. There’s no need to worry if you can’t reach the same dynamics as you did in the first half of the year. It’s quite natural; the thing is that now you are facing a whole new period. You will be reaping the benefits of your previous efforts and move gradually towards your outlined path. There’s no need to rush the events; you’d better strengthen your current foundation and rethink your ideas.

The first half of the upcoming year for this zodiac sign will turn out to be extremely dynamic and bright, especially concerning financial aspect. The year of 2016 is expected to be quite a pleasant one for most of zodiac signs, so you shouldn’t let your spirits down in any case, even if you find yourself in not a very comfortable situation. The very beginning of the year will force your financial state to undergo rather ambiguous and surprising metamorphoses that should not scare you. At some point you will find yourself thinking that your penniless state is permanent, but only in a day or two the situation will change dramatically. At the moment you need to make a lot of various transactions, which partly can be related to your new job appointment. People thinking of starting their own business at the very beginning of the year can expect quite an ordinary (for such cases) flow of events: there will be lots of new issues to be solved, constant expenses, and first profit; in other words, everything will be lumped together. Yet again, this is not a reason to fall into despair. You are the one controlling all your expenses, everything follows its own path, and even though you are not seeing yet the expected “ethereal” income, there is no reason rush into anything. Rome wasn’t built in a day, anyway.

The situation is expected to change radically by the beginning of summer. The influence of the Sun and Mercury, this magnificent tandem that was guiding you throughout the first half of the year, will significantly weaken. The decrease of work pace is expected alongside with devastating depression and probable health issues. The crucial point at the moment is not losing faith in yourself and your business. Financial aspect itself won’t cause you any trouble, meaning that your income will be stable, meeting your expectations. Of course, everything will depend on reasonable decisions you’ve made earlier. But even the most successful people sometimes snap under the pressure. You don’t want others to remember you as the one who “got finished off by life”. All is well until the sun shines. You will have a lot more reasons to feel happy about, so there’s absolutely no need to get upset. Fight your depression and get back to work, step by step, without rush. You will get a handful of financial opportunities for bringing most diverse projects into life, but not all projects will turn out to be promising. Give this some thought, and in between your busy work days have some fun together with your family. There’s no need to focus solely on saving money at this point. Otherwise, you will turn into a medieval dragon stealing packs of young girls and tons of gold for a sole purpose of filling in your cave up to the ceiling with it.

On the whole, the Cancer sign representatives can expect the upcoming year to be quite successful concerning financial aspect. You will be rather independent and your business will expand gradually. What else do you need to be happy? That’s right: don’t forget the reason you are doing this for!

The health of this zodiac sign’s representatives in 2016 will depend upon a whole bunch of various factors, thoughtfulness and concentration among them. In fact, the upcoming year promises to be not the easiest one for this zodiac sign; at the same time, positive trends will set the pace. There’s only one little thing left to do: catch the rhythm and the rest will follow. At the same time, one should not forget that throughout 2016 Leo will be under a special influence of the Sun, which will have a great positive effect, especially on the health aspect. Nonetheless, better safe than sorry. In other words, dangerous and risky situations won’t fade away all by themselves. You can expect a timely support, but only in case it is truly necessary, and not when you want it. Anyway, at this point selfishness can become the source of all your problems, so say “yes” to self-criticism.

The first half of 2016, up until the beginning of summer, is unlikely to have any affect on you. The flow of living situations will be quite peaceful. Of course, the health aspect is in question, meaning that you can lay aside health related fears up until mid-June. There is no need to look for trouble, of course; going to an African country as a Peace Corp volunteer to fight the Ebola virus epidemic is not the best solution. Altruism is undoubtedly a positive phenomenon, but fanaticism in any way is another story. Your immune system will be working the way it should, but there’s no need to overload it, at least not for now. Otherwise, you may expect an outburst of chronic diseases. It’s not about the exacerbation of the existing ones, but gaining new ones, which are not welcome in your life, perhaps. So, stay on the lookout and do not take risks, especially in spring, when the temptations are in every corner. The traditional for this time period “blooming STD” will pass you by. Of course, this is only the case if you are careful yourself, since you can be fully saved only from those circumstances, which you cannot predict.

A radically different life cycle will take its turn starting from July and up until the end of December. It (cycle) will be marked by a rather slow functioning of immune system. But this will not be your main concern at this point. Far more important is that close to the end of autumn your risks of getting an injury will rise. It’s not about a work injury, so you can forget about additional financial benefits for now. Perhaps, it will be caused by absolutely random circumstances, somewhere in the street or in the woods. So be especially careful during walks in the open air. And always stay focused as to what you expect from the world around you. The stability of your aspirations and inner balance will lead to increased attentiveness and will rescue you from a whole bunch of potential problems.


The life stage throughout 2016 will be a rather enthralling time for Libras, dynamic and definitely unforgettable. It is now that some life-changing crucial events are very likely to occur in your life. The most important thing is not to miss this opportunity, because the stars are unlikely to give you a second chance. At the same time, according to the horoscope of 2016, a key influence on Libras will be exercised by the sun. In other words, the situation will be far from the standard one, nevertheless we can confidently state that the solar positivity will provide Libras with strong support. Although, in reality, this support will actually act as a “fifth leg”, because in the first half of the year Venus will exert the most dominant influence on the life of Libras and naturally it will have a much greater domineering effect. In other words, in certain situations the solar energy will look rather dull against the background of the powerful influences of Venus. In this regard, the most positive planetary energy flows will concentrate more on the sensual and emotional aspects of the lives of Libras, while the sphere of finance will be a little less successful.

If we take a closer look at the beginning of 2016, the period starting from the first days of January until the end of the second decade of April will be incredibly successful for the representatives of Libra in the working area. The main thing is to refrain from putting on airs and acting like Superman, capable of doing anything. During this period you will really possess great potential, but your opinion on these opportunities will most likely be exaggerated. Do not give in to illusions; be very careful with people who flatter you. When it comes to your subordinates, then you know what to do. However, if your colleagues bombard you with the overwhelming mudflow of excessive praise, you have to be more vigilant. According to the horoscope for 2016 Libras shouldn’t enter any open confrontation at the beginning of the year because many of the events at the subsequent phases will largely depend on your current behaviour. Thus, “put on” your Hollywood smile and march forth towards conquering new heights at work, especially as your “love life” in the first months of 2016 will be relatively stable, and no exceptional or outstanding events are expected in this sphere of your life.

Starting from the end of April to the beginning of June 2016, the solar influence will completely lose its power, but the Venusian one, on the contrary, will gain a much greater scale. Specifically for your zodiac sign it will be manifested in a whole range of rather fascinating moments. Libra-women should be more careful than ever. There will be tons of admirers around you, coupled with a lot of possibilities of “starting an affair”. In fact, you can easily plunge into this reckless world of carnal pleasures! It is vital for you to take into account the fact that the stars recommend that you show extreme caution, for the chances now are extremely high to catch a disease of the Venusian nature. So, as they say, it is up to you to decide the correct course of action, but bear in mind the warning. Oddly enough, Libra-men in this respect will be much calmer and more reserved, despite the fact that the spring traditionally “blows the minds” of the male population on planet Earth. Of course, if you are offered a fairly appealing adventure, you shouldn’t necessary reject it, especially because he who is warned is he who is forearmed. Do what you think is necessary, but keep your feet on the ground. It will be a big mistake now to give in to some short-term adventures; however, you can quite confidently afford to get involved in a sort of controlled adventure, where you have full trust in all the players, including yourself.

The peak of the summer and the first third of the fall (through all September) will be the most harmonious period for the entire life of Libras in 2016. At this time Venus will lower the intensity of its effects and we need to take into account, so to speak, both sides of the coin. In the first place, you will need to get used to the fact that the level of vital energy in your body will slightly decrease. It won’t be critical, but it will definitely be noticeable. Your performance efficiency at work will hardly be affected, but you might face some problems with overall life motivation and the desire for spiritual growth. Force yourself to read more! At least a hundred lines before going to sleep like in the fifth grade. At this very moment, it is an objective necessity which is vital for your mind. Otherwise, when winter comes and all of a sudden your despondency goes away, you simply will not be able to restore the required level of your work performance. No doubt, the more you procrastinate, the more complicated it will be and the more it will bring about the most unexpected consequences. By the way, it will be a good time for self-analysis and reflection, self-contemplation and the steady pursuit of inner harmony.

The final phase will begin from the beginning of October to December of 2016; it will be characterized personally for Libras by the overall decline in their working pace. At this stage you shouldn’t focus all your time on work. Do not take too many projects and, figuratively speaking, do not jump above your own head, or you’ll find yourself in a fairly undesirable situation. And this is the best case scenario! And the worst one will give rise to a whole cascade of the most unpredictable events. As a result, in order to meet the end of 2016 with full ammunition, so to say, with a beautiful partner in one hand and a defeated dragon in the other one, you need to seriously lower the bar of your ambition.

Do not seek the implementation of some crazy and unreal projects in 2016. Keep in mind the folk wisdom: a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Stick to this idea and all your undertakings must succeed. Especially because your personal life will begin to unfold in the best possible way. And the reason for it will not be the stars, but your own abilities and ambitious desires. In general, for the representatives of Libra this will be a rather natural ending of 2016, a rather unusual time, throughout which the main role will be taken by exclusively your desires.

In 2016, Libras’ sensory-emotional sphere will “suffer” from the combined effect of Venus and the Sun. And though solar energy will be many times weaker in power, it can’t be ignored. As a result, the year will begin in a fairly stable manner and won’t be any special events for Libras from January to March according to the love horoscope 2016. But with the onset of spring, life will get much more interesting. There is a possibility that Libra-women, as they say, can go wild. They will meticulously examine each facet of this fascinating reality, starting of course with the most simple and mundane pleasures. The problem is that they can never reach a more significant phase. Therefore, if you feel that you are about to get blown away, it is better to hold yourself back, otherwise, the result may not be the most positive one. Don’t believe everyone who flashes you a cute smile; don’t try positive vibes in every person you meet, especially at the expense of your sacrifices. This is not a strategy that will allow you to make the world a better place. It is most likely that in the spring of 2016, you can walk down a shaky path leading into darkness, veiled by a spectacular neon screen. Or you can evolve and transfer to a new level of understanding of the world. Then your empathic abilities will bloom, and the simplest situation, which seemed to have only one way out earlier, will flourish with a whole range of options.

Summer in this regard will be the time to look over everything that you have achieved during the year. Who would have thought that even Libras might have problems with self-control? In fact, a difficult situation will surround you, which will affect many lives. Believe me, a banal love triangle is the most basic thing that awaits you. On the other hand, everything depends on you. You are able to prevent the occurrence of such a difficult situation. You need to be able to control yourself, as they say, and not succumb to temptations that arise around you. Even the best of friends can now be wrong, so think before acting. Summer will give you a good account of your actions the way they are, without any subjectivity. It will get quite interesting, but the main thing is learn as many lessons as possible from it. What others will think of you is of no importance whatsoever, because you can’t undo what’s already done. Starting from the first decade of September until the end of December 2016, the situation will improve significantly and you will draw conclusions that may become the most significant in your life. Probably, after the summer period, you will seriously consider getting married, or, well, getting a divorce, followed by another wedding. There’s a wide range of options for your development, and each one is appealing in its own way. The main thing is to understand that there are no good and bad ways; there are decisions and their consequence, which each of us has to live with. 2016 will teach many people this simple truth, and Libras will not be exceptions.

The beginning of 2016 will turn out to be quite a bright time period in the lives of Libra. Up until mid-March you will gradually, but relentlessly conquer new heights, surprising this way both your allies and competitors. It’s not that no one believes in you, you will simply stand out from a rather mediocre flow of events, regardless of the fact that your love life will drain a lion’s share of your energy. Venus will be the one taking control over your life at this point, and this celestial body focuses mainly on the emotional aspect. The Sun will assume the role of your professional growth supporter, though you shouldn’t expect much from this ally. This situation is particularly curious, since this star’s actions hardly have a positive effect on your life. However, the upcoming year of 2016 will bring certain changes and the Sun will be quite in handy concerning the work aspect of your life.

By the end of spring all open projects will take a sharp turn in their dynamic development. It’s crucial to take into account your emotions, though you shouldn’t let them control you at this point. The thing is that between the end of spring and the end of autumn of the upcoming year you can expect one or a few events that will outline your future path. It’s hard to say what fate has prepared for you at this point, but the warning itself is a great “bonus” implying that you should stay on the lookout. So, by the end of summer try to be more focused; perhaps, there are already a few opportunities in front of you that you are ignoring for some reason. Of course, there’s no need to go to the extreme and rush into some craze adventure. Backstage scheming doesn’t suit you. If you haven’t realised this up until now, your life will, unfortunately, follow a rather risky path. In fact, there are just a few similar zodiac signs; you loathe the idea of battening on others, you cannot make money by dishonest means. If you do decide to follow such a path, the consequences will torment you for years and will chase you all your life, causing sometimes quite noticeable health issues. Keep in mind that you should never abandon your principles, regardless of the circumstances!

The summer of 2016 promises to bring certain changes to your workflow, and these changes will solely depend on you. So, this is a good time to activate your skills of adjustments, you will need to act like a chameleon. Though unlike a true chameleon, who uses passive disguise, you will have to stay active. You will get there as soon as the right time comes. The key point is to stay focused; you are too familiar with such situations. Let others panic, there’s no need for you to waste your time and energy on useless small talks and panicking. You will be able to reach all your goals by the second decade of November, so the end of this month and the whole month of December will be marked by a significant decrease of productivity. In other words, all your projects should be finished by the end of autumn of 2016; otherwise, you won’t have time to do that and will regret it later on.

This sign’s representatives can expect the upcoming year of 2016 to be quite unstable concerning the financial aspect; however, certain prospects will become visible at the very beginning of the year. Up until mid-April you will find yourself in an almost penniless state, but this will be solely due to the fact that a lion’s share of your income will be invested in your business. The dynamics of your business development will be significant, and missing such opportunity would be quite unwise. So, you may rest assured that additional investments will definitely pay for themselves, and not just once. Of course, you will have to give this quite a good thought, since reckless investments will do no good at all. Nonetheless, there’s no need to acquire additional skills at this point, so just focus and do whatever you think is best in your case. Unfortunately, you will get distracted here and there: both at home and at work everyone will suddenly need your guidance at once. Allocate your time and resources wisely, don’t try to help out each and everyone asking you. Even altruism can be sometimes useless, especially if it does more harm than good in the end.

You can expect no radical changes between the beginning of April and the second decade of June. Your business will keep on flourishing and requiring extra attention from your end, and that especially concerns financial investments. This means that you should put aside all dreams of making significant purchases at this point. There is no need to worry about this, however; at the moment you are building your own future and if you make the right choices all along, you will yield truly outstanding result by the end of the year. People working at the office make an exception in this case, since they go with the flow as they say; these people always find a mil-lion reasons not to change anything in their lives. However, this kind of people is uncommon for this zodiac sign. At this point you have to stay on the lookout, since you might face uneasy situations, where your final decision will affect a whole bunch of significantly important events in future. This, however, is a quite personal moment in life, so the stars cannot be more precise at this point. But since you already have all your senses alert, you can hardly miss truly important events.

Summer will bring you the joy of playing the role of a secret service agent. Meaning that this will be the best time to blend in with the environment becoming its inseparable harmonious element. You will need to adjust to new circumstances in no time; however, you may rest assured that you will do perfectly well, since Saturn will be in dominant position at this point. This means that the dynamics of your inner energy will increase dramatically and, by the way, autumn is the best time to go on vacation, since a temporary decrease in your finances is expected. Meaning that up until the beginning of November your income will not depend on your personal presence at work. But you will have to work really hard later on, so that you could meet the end of December with an income greatly exceeding your own expectations.

Being a harmonious zodiac sign comprising an archetype of balance, Libra in 2016 will receive a pleasant bonus originating specifically from the balanced personality of people born under this zodiac sign. Of course, celestial bodies will contribute to this a lot, especially the great lamp of heaven, the royal ruler of the sky dome, which is not on quite friendly terms with the Libra sign. But this year the Sun will change its position, and as a result will cause a significantly powerful flow of positive effects. So, the upcoming year promises to be undoubtedly crucial and absolutely full of various bright events. This means that Libra with severe cases are most likely to feel better, and probably to a great surprise of doctors. And this is not about any sort of a miracle, or providence or other metaphysical nonsense. It is about you.

The beginning of 2016 will be marked by a transition to a harmonious and balanced period, which will follow a relatively dynamic phase, that most probably took place at the end of the previous year. At the moment you are unlikely to feel the weight of the great “eye of Fate”, so relax a bit. The January-February period will probably grant you with a cold. The illness will acquire quite a severe form, so don’t even think of getting back to your job responsibilities at this point. They say hard work never killed anyone, but why take the risk? You can openly tell your boss to go to hell, if he insists that you have to work even if you’re dying, because, for example, you are the only one who can finish up the monthly report. At this point it is crucial for you to stay put. You will easily get this yourself. Of course, you can brush away the voice of reason and continue to work, regardless of everything. But in that case you will have to work really hard, since chronic diseases are incurable, and good medication is quite expensive. If you neglect yourself now, it will get a lot worse later. It will be even worse than getting fired, because you can always find a new job, but it’s quite impossible to find a new health.

By the end of spring the situation will balance out and your physical state will get back to normal as well. The pace of your work routine will increase (perhaps, that will be a new job already) and you will be able to broaden the scope of your responsibilities. Starting from this point up until the end of the year, it’s crucial to spare some of your life energy, meaning that feeling sympathy and helping your relatives is a good call, of course, even if it’s self-defeating to some extent. But desperately trying to help each and everyone, who explicitly or implicitly asks for that, is another story. The thing is that your life energy has its limits. Well, it doesn’t have any limits, actually, but you won’t be able to use it to a full extent, you will get tired sooner or later. There’s no need to share your last penny with the first person you meet. You can change the world for better in many ways, which are not that radical. Sometimes you have to look out for yourself; it especially concerns your health, without which you can hardly help anyone.


Pisces is a sign that traditionally closes the classical zodiac chain. According to the horoscope, 2016 will be one of the most successful periods for Pisces. Literally from the first days of January of 2016 Jupiter, the patron of this zodiac constellation, will favour Pisces. In 2016 the general stellar position of Jupiter itself will be favourable, so its benevolence will be reinforced due to its special location. At the same time this doesn’t suggest that you need to drive to the nearest gas station to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

In the first phase of 2016, which will last until mid-April, your strength will not lie in your luck. On the contrary, your thorough calculation will turn out to be the key and basic weapon which can lead to any consequences in your hands. It will be impossible to differentiate a specific area of your life that will be showered with more “bonuses”. At the current moment, your main task will be the right allocation of opportunities. Don’t try to concentrate all your resources on one direction. The best bet for you now will be to achieve your goal resorting to your new skills in your working area, in your love life, and in the financial and spiritual spheres. In general, a plethora of ways will be open in front of you, but remember that you cannot choose all of them at once, so try to avoid extremes.

From April until the end of the second decade of July of 2016, Pisces will find themselves in a quite difficult situation in terms of energy. On the one hand, Jupiter will not weaken its influence on your destiny, but on the other hand, Mercury and Venus will set their gears in motion. And if the celestial priestess will be benevolent to you, the lord of heaven and earth trade routes may seriously mix your cards. For example, you decide to “throw” an incredibly cool corporate party, but five minutes before the start of this outstanding event the lights shut down in the whole area. And no doubt, it won’t be switched back on in the next couple of hours. In general, as they say now, it sucks. However, the statement that most of us must be fed up with, “forewarned is forearmed”, will again be very helpful. This is the phrase frequently used by all astrologers and this is not because of their universal tediousness. After all, the main purpose of astrology is to warn us and prevent bad things from occurring, rather than to predict our fate, as many people think. So during the second stage of 2016 you will have to restrain your desires. But if you are really itching to organize something epic, still try to keep it low-key and double-check everything ten times.

Starting from June of 2016, the very peak of the summer, until the end of the first month of fall, Pisces will have to make a special emphasis on their own spiritual development. The thing is that at this time different energy levels around you will be harmonized as much as possible. That is, you’ll face no obstacles at your work and you’ll follow your usual routine there; family quarrels will be an exception rather than a rule. It will be a good time to go somewhere on vacation, with the best options being the Florida Keys or Lake Superior. It’s vital for you now to visit some places that are known for their great power and will fuel you with natural energy. This is as important for you as for people in your environment. This advice is particularly noteworthy for those who have decided this year (well, “pretty soon”) to get married or to get a couple of noisy creatures called children. No special effort will be required from you; just follow your heart. We are definitely not talking about any “carnal pleasures” but about your destiny and fate. Overall, the year of 2016 in this regard will be crucial for many zodiac signs; for some of them to a lesser extent, and for someone like you, Pisces, to a greater one.

The horoscope for Pisces for 2016 shows that the entire fall and winter until the New Year will be an unforgettable period for you, full of light and bright colours, clarity and kindness. And it doesn’t make a big difference what results you’ve accomplished during your spiritual quest at a prior stage. What will actually matter is what exactly you’ll be able to conceive and how you’ll treat this new information. No doubt you’ll be capable of succeeding. You might have long been “suppressing” yourself; that is, preventing your natural talents from developing. Alas, most likely you partially managed to, and now you won’t be able to return your potential to its full and initial strength. Don’t worry; even what’s left will be more than enough to change the world. Step by step, little by little, gradually, starting, as usual, with yourself. In terms of work, you’ll have to become a little more vigilant and maybe suspicious. There will be lot of envy floating in the air, and not the “white” one, as they sometimes say. Although what can be bigger nonsense than “white envy”? Therefore, you will still have to take some part in the backstage affairs that will unfold around you. Take it easy, as everything will turn out well, and you won’t even have to go too deep into this swamp. Almost everything will happen by itself … you’ll just need to make a couple of decisions, perhaps not the simplest ones, but the ones that will determine your energy basis for many years. The stars cannot provide you with more information than this, as from now on everything is too individual. In terms of personal relationships, don’t try to impose your personal point of view on your significant other, even if you consider yourself to be one hundred percent right. You may be incredibly surprised, but this is not always the case. Therefore, it’s logical to make decisions together; no wonder our ancestors used to say that two heads are better than one, and they hardly implied a genetic mutation.


Anyway, for many representatives of the zodiac sign Pisces, 2016 will be literally permeated with a deep spiritual search. You will keep making the same mistakes over and over again; once bitten, twice shy won’t apply to your case. You will have to walk the trails in order to get better at assessing the situation from different angles. This will endow you with an invaluable experience. So don’t get discouraged even if the world doesn’t seem perfect for a moment. In fact, it is perfect, but you need to put some effort into keeping it this way.

According to the love horoscope for 2016, representatives of Pisces will find that Jupiter is on their side. It is definitely a positive moment, which, however, has some peculiarities. The fact is that for Pisces, as in the case with some other zodiac signs, the beneficial effects provided by celestial objects in the solar system will largely focus on their work area. Well, there’s nothing you can do, as this is so much a year when your feelings take a back seat, giving way to progress. You can still count on some spiritual, moral and ethical bursts, but in terms of emotions, your life will be quiet, at least until the beginning of the summer. As a matter of fact, under certain circumstances you can turn the whole thing to your advantage. Keep in mind that all the latest trends from the beginning of the year will stay intact and will receive their gradual, though not very dynamic, development. And this is already something you can work with. For example, it’s up to you to decide whether to relax or slowly test the soil around the “secret subject of your admiration”. Bright and powerful events will not be expected, and this is logical as the stages of “emotional immobility” are really necessary for everyone. If you think that now is not the right time or place for such moments, alas, you can’t go against the flow. No one will, of course, keep you from making the attempts, but you will be accountable for the outcome.

From the second decade of June, the situation will begin to change gradually. Single Pisces will start attracting members of the opposite sex and the representatives of this zodiac sign will feel a strong surge of energy that will literally shake them, relieving their numbness. Nothing will happen permanently; all the spheres will develop simultaneously, accelerating gradually. In general, if a girl suddenly gives you a smile, and you start feeling butterflies of all sorts in your stomach, you still should not rush and offer your hand and heart. A lot of Pisces will experience such, quite mad, desires, related to, figuratively speaking, their new passions. Of course, it won’t apply to Pisces who are already equipped with such a device as a “second half”. They will find themselves in a much more stable and harmonious atmosphere, conditioned by the improvement of their relations within the family. Of course, you won’t be exempt from minor domestic quarrels; as they say, every day is not a holiday. The second half of the year will not be continuous fun. But closer to the winter you will keep maximum tenderness and warmth in your heart. This flame will be incredibly strong, but, most interestingly, you’ll definitely have to do something with it, otherwise, it will just melt away when you cannot keep it going. How and what exactly to do is a rhetorical question. This is a question posed to you, not to the stars. In the end, there must be a reason why New Year’s is known for being magical and for ages this has been the time for making wishes.

The first months of the upcoming year of 2016 promises to be a quite favourable time period for this zodiac sign’s representatives. Jupiter will become your main patron at this point, that’s why you can put aside all your fears, including cunning competitors and life troubles. You will easily cope with every single issue, especially during the January-April period. This is a quite important time, that is rather significant concerning future prospects. A diverse range of opportunities will be unfolding in front of you at this point and as you might have guessed already that you will have to make a choice, since you won’t be able to investigate each and every one of them, regardless of the fact that you will have about a third of the year to do this. So, focus and think twice what you really want at the moment. Perhaps, it will be a good choice for somebody to start their own business, others might concentrate on achieving their new goals without leaving their current position.

Keep in mind though, that you have to act fast and then lay low for a while thinking over the chosen path. According to shamanic astrology terms, the time period between April and mid-July can be marked by the “Isa” rune, which is literally translated as “ice”. This means that after a rather bright and dynamic period, filled with diverse events, there’s a need to slow down a bit, rethink your actions and previous choices. Let winter into your soul; it will tame your burning energy flows. You do need a break at this point, even if you don’t realise it yet (and this will be most like the case). There’s no need to fight fateful tendencies; stars are quite direct at this point, that’s why you need to follow their recommendations unconditionally, if you wish to be successful.

The time period between June and September will balance out all energy flows, both outside and inside you. This will be the most productive period; the time of drifting ice, spring flood, which usually follows the “dead season”. Focus on the choices you’ve made at the beginning of the year. At this point your attitude will be absolutely unbiased and unprejudiced. You will be able to analyse events taking into account all the aspects. This ability will remain with you, but at this point you need to train it. That’s why try to analyse every single moment in your life. The key point is not to lower your guard around people, who desperately offer their help. It doesn’t mean they bear ill will towards you, but they definitely have a materialistic interest in you, and altruism from their end is not in question here. So, think twice before taking any action in this case.

Autumn and winter of 2016 will mark your long-term activity. Perhaps, there are radical changes waiting for you; everything is quite personal at this point and depends heavily on your own decisions and related to them actions. It doesn’t matter if you missed something. Try to make up for it instead or change everything radically. It’s never too late to fix a mistake you’ve made. Overall, the end of 2016 will be quite successful concerning the work aspect of your life, but there will hardly by any surprises, everything will follow the path that you have personally outlined.

The representatives of this zodiac sign throughout the upcoming year can expect a full support from Jupiter and Mercury, to some extent though. The beginning of the year predicts a power-full, bright and dynamic development. It’s the best time to start your own business! This extremely favourable in all ways period will last up until April. The situation will worsen, how-ever, by the fact that you are unlikely to bring about all your possibilities, though you will hardly need all of them. You will still have a handful of options, each requiring its own share of financial expenses. Of course, it’s reasonable to focus on the most promising one, but you will get a few of those. You shouldn’t try too hard “catching ‘em all” though, you won’t succeed anyway. All you need is to devote your time wisely to one or two directions, so that you could celebrate your victory as soon as by the middle of the year.

Quite a peculiar time period awaits you from mid-April till mid-July. You won’t to do…anything at this point! At least this is what it’s gonna look like. Actually, this is what it has to look like. At this point you need to focus on accumulating your resources instead of wasting them. This is a crucial moment, which will outline in many ways your future business development. Meaning that if necessary, you might disappoint your sweetheart a bit, who might have been expecting to make a significant purchase at the moment. You will need to build a steady foundation making it your starting point in future, i.e. having a possibility of facing a similar situation as at the beginning of the year. A powerful flow of energy from Jupiter’s and Mercury’s end will help you strengthen your financial state and open up even more possibilities. But this is what you can expect in future; for now you have to stay low. By the way, this will be a great diversion for your competitors, who upon watching your idleness, will un-reasonably cross you off the “race board” making their fatal mistake.

The third decade of July up until the first decade of December will bring you the joy of harmonious and at the same time dynamic time. This time around everything will depend solely on your personal preferences. If you feel like it, you can repeat your financial push, or you can choose a new tactics that is more settled and calm. On the whole, the circumstances will try to force you following a more active path, but in fact, both options will turn out to be equally reasonable. That’s why it is crucial to stay on the lookout at this point, since fate gives you a full freedom of action, an absolute independence from outside factors and circumstances (including celestial impacts). October, November and December will merge into one time period, which will reinforce the tendencies you’ve chosen during the previous period. Meaning that your celestial protectors will continue to support you; the key point for you at the moment is making your actions follow good intentions. Then you won’t face any financial problems.

Pisces will be extremely lucky in practically all meanings throughout the whole 2016. However, health aspect of people born under this sign will not be the one shined upon by stars. Perhaps, this will not be a great surprise for you. There are two reasons. First of all, you must have seriously shattered your immune system during a previous time period (and it’s not about specifically previous year, it might be a much longer period). And second of all, you can’t have everything, can you? This is the great law of life that, unfortunately, works too perfectly well. This is why it’s crucial not to overwork during January-May period; though you will have all chances to do that. Try to spare yourself at least a little bit; and if you are not used to look out for yourself, think of those, who are more or less dependant on you. Strengthen your immune system, take vitamins, go in for sports; just do everything you think you need, but try and keep fit. Perhaps, some of you won’t need any dramatic changes, but this is quite personal; each case is unique and each time you will arrive at different solutions that are applicable to yourself only.

Starting from the first days of April until the first half of August, the situation will change, but at this point it is hard to say which way. In general, you are not likely to get overworked anymore. You can also lay aside your fears of catching virus infections or giving in epidemic. Though, the risk of getting injured is especially high; car accidents are in question at this point. Most probably, nothing serious is expected, but the situation might be quite nasty. There two things that can help you, though. Those are your own attention and care from some of your beloved ones. At the same time, the second option is more likely to help you in the end, but maximum safety can be acquired solely through a combination of these two options. Perhaps, you are used to count only on yourself; this attitude is characteristic of this zodiac sign’s representatives. Actually, this is not the worst position in life, but, in fact, we all know that a person cannot live on his own. One can exist on its own, one can also survive this way. But it doesn’t concern actual living. Your inner emotions will play the key role at this point, that’s why communication in a warm circle of close people will be crucial.

The last summer month, autumn and winter of 2016 will bring you the joy of new and exciting events. Health aspect, however, will not be top notch, but at least it will not be in a disastrous state. The traditional autumn wave of rhinitis, cough and other warriors of an endless legion under the command of her majesty Cold will capture you as well. Actually, this is not as bad as it sounds. By the beginning of winter the exacerbation of all (without exception) chronic diseases is expected. And you have to think fast at this point. You will get support from the Solar energy, but that won’t be enough to get better. That’s why as soon as you notice the slightest weakening, find a specialist asap. This will help you avoid a whole bunch of problems in future.


Throughout 2016, the representatives of Sagittarius will have only one reliable ally, Jupiter. It is difficult to wish for a stronger assistant, after all, this warlike planet controls the lion’s share of the energy flows, which one way or another are related to the life of each Sagittarius. But the fact remains that in 2016 Jupiter will be the sole object of the solar system that will preserve its loyalty to the representatives of your zodiac sign. The remaining planets and satellites will be either neutral or aggressively-tuned, as will be the case with Venus. That is why the entire year will look quite ambivalent for Sagittarius. On the one hand, there will certainly be people who you’ll be able to rely on, which will lead you to the timely and positive completion of many of your current projects. On the other hand, there will be a lot of astronomical fields and streams, which will strive, by all means, to prevent you from carrying out your plans. As always, your allies are versus your enemies. The situation is ambiguous, and, therefore, extremely complex, requiring thorough analysis and consideration. In 2016, the success of any business will depend on how deep, fast, and, most importantly, accurately you will be able to penetrate into the essence of events and phenomena that hinder your “further development”.


At the beginning of 2016, from January to June, you’ll be in a state of a kind of long jump. That is, there’ll be a will and a desire as well as opportunity, but intuitively you will understand that the longer you “wait”, the more spectacular the result will be. Figuratively speaking, it will take you up to six months to build a runway, wide and long enough for a Boeing passenger jet. It’s evident that the longer the runway is, the easier it is to take off without any problems. The main thing is to be careful, as you are not alone in your endeavours. Jupiter will help you in critical situations, but not all of your problems will be critical, though many of them may be life-changing. Therefore, you’ll have to fight for “a better place under the sun”. If you run your own business, don’t even think about backing up. No matter how strong your enemies may seem, no matter how brutal and intricate their schemes are, don’t give up and stay ahead of them! Even if at some point you fail and lose one of your pillars, stay focused, regroup and try to recover as quickly as possible. You are a solid foundation, which is far from clay, so it will be stupid not to resort to your power and potential. In terms of personal relationships, things will be a bit more curious. Your “second half” will fall under the influence of not the most positive trends. It is difficult to predict whether it will be a jealous friend or someone else’s direct negative impact. It doesn’t make a big difference. In reality, what really makes a difference is the fact that you’ll be able to resolve the situation only with the involvement of external powers. This can be your best friend, a close relative or a casual acquaintance (well, it happens!). You will only need a push, a fleeting impulse, which, figuratively speaking, will stimulate your thinking and will allow you to draw the correct conclusion in no time. So don’t run away from help, especially if its sincere!

Starting from late June to mid-October of 2016, Venus will dominate the “love life” of Sagittarius, which means nothing good, although you don’t need to do much to avoid a total failure. If an opportunity to go on vacation presents itself, do so. However, make sure that you and your significant other go to different locations this time. You wonder why? Only think about all this holiday romance! Are you afraid of “holiday affairs?” This is a range of issues that won’t give both of you peace of mind. As soon as the last drop of doubt in your “second half” is gone, your family life will significantly improve. If doubts remain even after a series of “serious conversations”, then this is a serious enough reason to reconsider your relationships. However, you won’t have enough time for thinking in this direction, because your work will also require a lot of attention from you. Focus on what you aspired to achieve at the beginning of your career. Analyze and estimate how much your goals and objectives have changed over time under the influence of a variety of circumstances. This will give you a clue as to what is really important, and what is superficial, with no crucial value. Also, according to the horoscope of Sagittarius for 2016, Jupiter will not be able to replenish your reserves of vital energy, but it will give you time to collect the required amount of resources. Therefore, use every free moment wisely.

They say that love lasts three years. At the end of 2016 Sagittarius will have a great chance to either confirm or refute this popular statement of Beigbeder. If you are single, then the result of this issue will keep you waiting for a long time. If you have already been in relationship with someone (not necessarily for three years), the end of the fall and winter will be a real ordeal for you. Don’t despair and don’t even think of stressing yourself over it. This is the time when in order to achieve the desired results its not only enough but even necessary to just go with the flow. If only things always were so easy: you want a white Mercedes, so here it is! But it’s been a while since you stopped believing in fairy tales and, one must admit, you do the right thing. Nevertheless, all the problems in your “love life” will be resolved on their own at the end of 2016, without unnecessary troubles and concerns. Another significant aspect of the current period lies in the fact that you may have to betray some of your principles. Don’t get mad! No one is fond of such things and especially Sagittarius, known for the allegiance to their beliefs. This is probably not the most optimistic final tune, but rather its philosophical; anyway, this is exactly how the year of 2016 will end, with fairly puzzling though, in general, quite positive, feelings.

As far as Sagittarius are concerned, one can definitely say that in terms of feelings, 2016 will not be so surprising for the representatives of this zodiac sign. Many events will be logical endings of your past mistakes, or, vice versa, your victories. From the perspective of love, Sagittarius’ destiny will be defined by the following triangle: Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. Unfortunately, the central element of this system, Venus, will not be on your side. However, this doesn’t imply some sort of negative large-scale perturbations that you may encounter in 2016. This time will not be easy, that’s true, but not necessarily too negative either; it will be a grey area. Probably, you’ll have to pay more attention to yourself and your “second half.” If you don’t have one, then everything will turn out to be twice as hard, because you will have no one with whom to share your static energy level. This trend will hold throughout the whole year with minor modifications.

For example, from January to the end of July, all current situations will be gradually, as they say, escalated. In other spheres of your life, everything will go well, so you may not notice the threats emerging in your personal life. Be careful! Problems are similar to Bandar logs, especially strong when in a pack, so you should not allow them to unite. Otherwise, you may not have enough strength to resolve all urgent tasks in the allotted time. If you act sensibly and strategically, then don’t worry, you will succeed. Of course, love cannot be calculated, its root can’t be derived and it can’t be folded into logarithms, but this doesn’t suggest that logic is the odd subject here. If your sweetheart pledges their eternal love to you and in the evening make out with your neighbour in the elevator, then you are bound to doubt the sincerity of their words. So do not forget to question them, even when you don’t want to, for example, in bed.

From the first decade of June to the middle of October, the influence of Venus (which, as we know, is set with extreme negativity against Sagittarius) will skyrocket, reaching its apotheosis. This means that there’s no way to avoid a “serious conversation”. Therefore, do not hesitate; it makes no sense to hide, trying to buy time. If you have something to say to your significant other, go for it, set an example, and you will be surprised at how relieved and free you’ll feel. Do not worry if your relationship collapses in a flash. If a house has no foundation, then no matter how beautiful it is, its fall is just a matter of time. Everything will go the way it should, especially because at the end of the year, your “heart wounds” will heal, with the help of new acquaintances, who are very cute and extremely charming.

Jupiter will be the one having the greatest effect on the lives of Sagittarius in 2016, concerning mainly the work aspect. It’s important to note that this planet is the traditional patron of this zodiac sign. The consequences of this situation will be two-fold: on the one hand, the support of Jupiter will be extremely powerful, but such concentrated dynamic effects from one planet will, in fact, shadow all other impacts from the outside, both negative and positive. You will feel this effect at the very beginning of the year, when you will be facing a whole bunch of obstacles, most of which will seem quite overwhelming; but in the end you will realise that you have just enough energy and strength to overcome all difficulties set for you by your generous fate. The upcoming year of 2016 will definitely turn out to be exciting and you will hardly have any time to relax in front of a flaming fireplace with a glass of wine. Yes, this is exactly what you will be longing for, but there’s no need to follow this instinct at this point. Afterlife will bring you the joy of relaxation, as pragmatic atheists say; for now you need to use every single moment for reaching your goals. Besides, this will be the time, when you realise that solving problems might yield absolutely unexpected, but predictable results. And these results will make you feel far better than before.

Up until the middle of 2016 you can lay aside all fears related to outside factors. Your business will follow a constant development rhythm and the only thing you should pay attention to is a lot closer to you that you might thought. Perhaps some of your business partners or colleagues play the role of a Trojan Horse. You do remember this ancient Greek legend, don’t you? If not, give it a quick read and keep in mind that if Odysseus’ wisdom turned into the epic win for Greeks, it was the end for Trojans, in every way. If you don’t want your business to follow the fate of the legendary polis, you need to stay on the lookout all the time. It’s hard to say what points exactly require your undivided attention, but it’s quite clear that you can’t drop your guard, though there’s no need to turn into a paranoid person, who suspects each and every one in betrayal. This is a quite serious matter requiring a lot of thought, but you shouldn’t devote all your time to it. Otherwise, you might miss all the opportunities while looking for a “spy”, forgetting why you have started doing this in the first place. So, stay on the lookout, but don’t let it swallow you.

The second half of the year, starting from the June-July period and up until the end of the third decade of December, will bring dramatic changes to your table. Most of your inner energy at this point will be directed at solving your family business issues. There’s no need to fight the circumstances, this is what you really need at the moment; besides, if you’ve made the right choices all along, your business will not be requiring your undivided attention by this time. You can focus on something else, non-work related; let your business automated process run on its own. If you haven’t achieve that yet, you’d better hurry and make it happen by the beginning of winter, since from now on you will be gradually losing the support of Jupiter, and it will make a lot harder to solve this problem.

People born under this zodiac sign can expect quite a stable flow of finances throughout the first half of the upcoming year. It’s unlikely that you will be in the need of saving money regardless of the fact that many aspects of your business development will require extra investments. The very beginning of the year will bestow upon you a powerful flow of vital force provided by Jupiter, your celestial ruler. As a result you work pace will increase dynamically, but gradually, and so, your money-belt won’t get fat overnight. You will have a chance to administer your funds the way you want up until the beginning of summer. At the same time, mid-spring will be the best time to go on vacation. This is the time when your budget can survive significant expenses easily. You need to into account this fact when planning out events for the upcoming year. You should also bear in mind that your business development is your main goal at this point. If you don’t even think in this direction, you won’t be able to use the slightest potential available for this time period. That’s why it’s crucial to reconsider your views. There’s no need to contradict your own principals, but if there’s a chance to start your own business or have a significant promotion, why not grabbing onto this chance? Of course, you might be facing quite diverse circumstances, but the future of your finances depends fully on your decisions, which makes sense, actually. Your action throughout the first half of the upcoming year will outline not your future profit, but the potential of planning events.

The beginning of June will steal your chances of devoting a lion’s share of your attention to the working process. The change of energetic impacts will somewhat shift the direction of your inner energy flows, and your main goals at this point will concern your family relationships. Single Sagittarius representatives won’t get off easy in this case either; quite on the contrary, it’s likely that they will face additional issues they haven’t thought of before. At this point it is crucial to understand that not all problems can be solved by investments. There are problems directed specifically at you, and not on some outside factors and probabilities. Moreover, there’s an energy flow at the core of almost each problem, and you can easily change it by affecting it. The second half of 2016 will teach you a far greater life lesson, regardless of the fact that this time period will be much oriented toward business skills development. You will realise that money, in fact, hardly solves anything. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to abandon the idea of increasing your income. Money is always not enough, especially if you have the best of intentions. You shouldn’t forget about yourself when pursuing future profit, since this is what sometimes happens to the representatives of this zodiac sign.

This zodiac sign will be under the sharp and watchful eye of Saturn throughout the whole year of 2016. This situation will have a great impact on the health aspect, meaning that the representatives of this zodiac sign will gain an unlimited bonus to their immune system, including a strong defence against various colds and fevers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can unreasonably organise a sleepover in a ward with an “outstanding shining bunch” of diagnosis like acute viral respiratory infection. But on the whole your immune system will do a great job of fighting this kind of danger; and even if your whole family gets sick, you are most likely to feel good. During an epidemic you’d better take some vitamins, but you shouldn’t focus on it too much; in the end, your body has to know (and it already knows) how to fight any kind of danger without any help from the outside.

The beginning of 2016, specifically the time period between January and April, will turn out to be quite balanced. It is unlikely for you to catch any serious disease. Minor domestic accidents are expected; there’s no need to worry though, a few bruises or slight cuts are in question. It’s a good time to undergo some tests for well-known diseases that you haven’t thought of before. High cholesterol and other similar issues are in question. And even if you are 25 or 30, this still doesn’t mean anything, since today’s environment together with “Chernobyl bonuses” have already blurred age distinctions for all diseases without exception. Unfortunately, kids nowadays are diagnosed with arthritis, and most of diseases can be cured a lot easier at early stages. So, think about it; if you notice the slightest issue, don’t waste your time.

The time period from May to August does not predict any changes, though you are more likely now to receive a mild injury. Even fractures are in question, but no severe cases are expected, so you should just be attentive enough. Sagittarius representatives that drive a car are at a higher risk of getting into a car accident; that’s why people of this category have to pay extra attention. This is not the time to ignore traffic rules, even if it seems impossible (you know about a lot of crazy drivers out there, right?). Stay calm and focused; if you have a chance, try to decrease the amount of trips by car. And you should forget about going on a long trip. It’s better to go on a vacation in autumn; it will be a lot safer.

Starting from September up until the end of 2016 your immune system might start malfunctioning due to hormonal outbursts. It’s hard to say what the exact reason for this will be, but you will definitely know what’s going on if you come across such a situation. The key is not to panic at this point; don’t take it too seriously. Even the trickiest situations have solutions; sometimes this solution might be not the easiest one. You should not worry, however; the situation will balance out by the end of the year.


Overall, 2016 will be incredibly successful for Scorpios, sometimes brighter, sometimes less. But even if you come across any life-changing moments in 2016, all of them will undoubtedly be positive.

Scorpio is the brightest representative of the water element; this amazing and fickle zodiac sign will suffer the most extraordinary influence throughout 2016. We are not only talking about the celestial effects of the planets of the solar system, but also about the environment of the Scorpios themselves. You, among other things, will have to try hard not to overlook some really important moments, some of which may exalt you to the summit of success in 2016, or throw you into an abyss of suffering. Throughout the whole year Scorpios will experience the powerful combined influence of Mars, Venus and Pluto. According to the horoscope for Scorpios, the following combination is far from being extraordinary, but in general it is a rather interesting situation that will be the reason why life around you will blow like an unprecedented whirlpool. Everything will be like in the old fairy tale: “the entire crowd looked at the king; only the king looked at nobody”. Alas, even if you didn’t want to be in the spotlight, you will still need to take this position, and there’s no one to blame for it. In this respect, one of the most curious aspects of the situation is that throughout the whole year you will be playing the role that is not so pleasant for you, the role of Rome, and as you know, all roads lead to Rome. However, under no circumstance try to distance yourself from your environment and the people around you; learn to be everywhere and keep up at any cost. In fact, it is an invaluable experience that will undeniably come in handy in your life. Besides, bear in mind that some things will have personal connotations, because each and every one of us is a great individual. Sometimes we, and particularly Scorpios, can go through a lot of obstacles because of this, but, as they say, this is a different story.

Generally speaking, the year of 2016 can be divided into three stages for Scorpios, each of which can be characterized by its own set of distinctive features. The first phase will include the first three months of the year and half of April, exactly to the middle of the second decade. This period can be described as the most vibrant and dynamic. This is probably due to the fact that it is in these months of 2016 and until mid-spring that Mars will exert its special influence on the members of the zodiacal sign of Scorpio. You can be certain that you will feel elevated during this time; it is unlikely to affect your work performance, though it will help to solve many of ongoing life situations. You might come across some confusion and misunderstanding in the professional field, and that is where the assistance of the god of war, Mars, will find its application. If during this period you need to solve a problem, do not delay it; solve it right here and right now, as long as there is time and opportunity. As one legendary character has already said “strike while the iron is still hot”. It should be noted that at the beginning of 2016, you will have many opportunities to “defeat” your opponents, and Mars strongly recommends not hesitating to do so. Act firmly and uncompromisingly (of course, moderately and without extremes), but the more confidence you display now, the fewer dilemmas will arise in the future.

On the whole, 2016 will constantly push Scorpios to the make the most radical decisions. However, throughout the spring-summer period, from the end of April until the end of the final months of summer, the dynamics of the events raging around you somewhat subside, and although you will still be the focus of your environment, the degree of the dynamics of the ongoing events will reduced. Firstly, it is another chance for you to set a good example and demonstrate your most vivid, spectacular and positive qualities. Any manifestation of shyness is now out of the question; no matter where you are, abstain from it. In this period of 2016, Venus recommends that you stay true to yourself and not get involved in backstage intrigues, and stay away from risky adventures. Being aware of the nature of Scorpios, it will probably be too excessive to mention the possibility of adventures. Among all the sufficiently ambiguous qualities there is one inherent to your sign; an amazing feature of your sign known as an innate sense of justice. And if you’ve refrained from developing this quality, then now is the right time to do it, especially because the circumstances, so to say, will make you move in this direction. Be honest, open and completely unbiased towards outside influences. It definitely makes sense to listen to your colleagues and advisors, especially if they have a profound knowledge of the subject and know exactly what they are talking about. But in any case, you will have to pass through yourself some core moments of the events happening around you; it will allow you to literally “relive” what you say and what you call for again.

The third stage, which begins with the arrival of fall and finishes at the end of 2016, will be the most peaceful and harmonious. This trend is surprisingly typical of many zodiac signs. Throughout this period the influence of the celestial bodies in the solar system will be minimal, which predetermines a vividly explicit independence of the events happening around you. Now, as at no other time, you will be free to choose the further development of your key life trends. “I do not want to study, I want to get married!”, so be it, make your own decision and do what you think is necessary. Don’t panic if the situation starts to get out of control. Which situation? Any! Even if events around you are boiling hot, under no circumstances let your emotions cloud your judgements, especially when it comes to business. Despite the overall decline in energy dynamics, the working sphere will literally bloom in the hands of the representatives of Scorpio. So don’t question yourself and your actions, if necessary, be calculating, but not to the extent of turning yourself into a blind machine. At the end of 2016 your work should become the focus of all your attention, because at this time everything should be “okay” in your family life, unless you literally “screwed up” somewhere earlier.

Scorpios in 2016 will be influenced by several celestial bodies of the solar system, but it’s worth pointing out that the most powerful and energy dynamic influence is presented by Mars. The Red Planet will actually determine the whole “love life” of Scorpios from January to December. In this respect, the beginning of the year will definitely be to your liking. It will be a successful and bright time, which will allow Scorpios to fully understand their place in the world. Perhaps during this phase, from January to April, someone will realize that they were guided by false values their entire life, and others, quite unexpectedly, will set foot on a “slippery slope”. So it is vital to be close to a person who you trust. If you proudly have a “second half”, the beginning of 2016 will not bring you any significant problems. The main thing is to listen to what your significant other says, at least occasionally.

The middle of the year, from May to August, will give Scorpios a warm welcome, and here the influence of Mars will be the most dynamic. The inflow of vital energy into your “love life” will work to your advantage, because you will experience bright and memorable events. There might be some radical changes within the family or it is possible that something will change with your personal relationships, but one way or another, it will affect you in the future. Don’t think that things happen accidentally. Any quarrel or any reconciliation is the source, the development, or the natural ending of a particular situation, generated by you, you, your relationship, or your family. Never forget this, because the problem, created by two people in a relationship, will not be able to be solved by only one person. In fact, this is a fundamental law of harmony. In 2016, this law will come in handy for you, especially if the situation goes far beyond your personal relationships. But we must understand that we can only help a person when he or she is ready to accept this help, otherwise things can get even more complicated. There is nothing worse than going against the will of others even out of noble motives, especially when it comes to feelings.

Fall of 2016 will not be characterized by a fall in the overall dynamics of your relationship, but you’ll probably just get tired. This means there is no need to chase the circumstances. Don’t keep pace if it makes you exhausted, but don’t forget to explain this to your “second half” so that you are on the same page. Do not rush to review your results as the year is not over yet and a lot of interesting things are still ahead of you. Perhaps one of your loved ones will surprise you, but don’t be afraid of it. Radical solutions sometimes happen to be the only right way out, and, not having full access to what is going on, can easily bring about a mistake in your judgment. Winter of 2016 will teach you patience and reconciliation with your, as they say, inner demons.

The upcoming year of 2016 will turn out to be for this zodiac sign’s representatives quite an unexpected and astonishing time. You will reveal a whole bunch of hidden and significant talents both in you and in others; of course, not all of those talents will turn out to be pleasant surprises, but in the end you will become stronger by gaining new knowledge. Going into detail, it is important to say that your life in 2016, aside from your own desires and actions, will be affected to some extent by a team of planets, mainly Mars, Venus and Pluto. By the way, Pluto is the most peculiar celestial body in this scenario, since its usual position has nothing to do with Scorpio at all, and there’s a reason this planet has gained a rather dark glory. Nonetheless, some of the extraordinary methods of communicating with the outside world can help a lot at certain points of your life. You will find out on your own which method works best and when; just open your mind and follow your voice of reason.

Overall, your professional growth throughout this year will be successful. The first three months of 2016 will bring great dynamic changes to it. You will be literally filled with energy during this time, meaning that you just have to use it to your advantage, since you might not have another chance. Don’t lose faith in yourself, fight your competitors with no mercy. Mars will help you “banish” unnecessary at this point sentimentality from your heart. You may rest assured that you will do the right choice. It’s crucial to take action if you don’t want to waste your recently received gift from above. You will hold centre stage, become a certain junction, a key point binding together fates of many others. This will give you significant opportunities concerning your professional growth, so there’s no need to ignore such a chance.

The time period between the end of spring and mid-summer will be marked by a rather decreased work flow. But everything will be quite balanced, no dramatic drops or outbursts are expected; each event will follow the path you’ve outlined before. If something gets out of your hand, take action immediately. Everything will depend at this point on the scope of you control area and your efficient, conscious responsibility for decisions you’ve made. If you are not in full control of the situation, your competitors can easily overturn your boat, and it’s not that easy to get out of cold, rushing waters as it may seem. So, you should avoid such scenarios by all means. Focus on your real goals and follow your path gradually, taking a step back before running into an obstacle, analysing and finding a solution to overcome it.

The beginning of autumn will help you to balance out the situation. It’s quite likely that even your most active competitors will withdraw from the struggle. It doesn’t matter if your actions cause that. It’s far more important that this is the calm and harmonious time, when you won’t need to “fight the dragon”; this will be the time to dig into the treasure with feeling, judgment, and deliberation. A similar pattern will be common for most zodiac signs, so you, probably, will work the same way as many others around you.

Throughout the upcoming year the financial aspect of Scorpio will be mostly influenced by the positions of Pluto and Mars. Yes, this time around Mercury will leave you “alone” and as a result you might face a whole bunch of unexpected changes. However, you shouldn’t worry about this too much at this point, because first of all, Mars is considered to be your “main ruler”. Second of all, you definitely don’t want to make enemies with Pluto and that’s why your opponents will be in the wrong box, so to say. In other words, your finances will be hardly influenced by outside factors at this point. Of course, this is a positive aspect, that will require at the same time your increased attention later on. This mostly concerns the first three months of the year, when the dynamic influence of the above mentioned celestial bodies will be especially strong.

Up until the end of spring you will have to work really hard. Who says “you have to”? Well, you do! This is only the case if you want to improve your financial state. If you don’t have such motivation, then it’s unlikely for you to yield any result at all, regardless of the circumstances. You have to sing for your supper as they say; this will become your mantra at this point. By the end of spring the dynamic of your work pace will somewhat decrease leading to a noticeable decline in profit. There’s no need to worry about this though, but sitting idly by won’t do any good either. At this point it’s crucial to gain control not only over your business, but also over your competitors. Various means of getting the necessary information are at your disposal; each move, each action of your direct opponents will have an immediate effect on your profit. This is a tough time requiring your full concentration and ability to keep yourself in hand. But on the whole, no extra effort is necessary, everything lies within your reach, so in case you fail at something, you will know who to blame.

Summer period up until the first days of autumn won’t bring any changes. You will still be fighting furiously for a place in the sun, and the fatness of your money-belt will depend directly on the success of your fights. In fact, this will be the best time to flatten your “piggy bank” at this point. In the nearest future you won’t be needing huge amounts of resources, so there’s no need to constrain yourself. Besides, the situation will balance out by the beginning of autumn and you won’t need to work your fingers to the bone. The key point in this case is not to rush, since by this moment your only supporter will be Pluto, though you can’t expect much from him either, max you can get is “moral support” from its end. Nonetheless, you won’t need great amounts of energy for reaching your goals at this point. It’s crucial to finish up all your running projects, so that you could meet the end of the year with a great sense of accomplishment. This way you will provide yourself with a significant flow of resources that will be of use in future, but not now. That’s why you need to stay focused; try to solve every single issue, there’s no need to putt them off.

Mars and Pluto are the planets, which will have the greatest effect on the life of Scorpio in 2016. Of course, these planets’ influence is mentioned in the context of health aspect, which requires extra attention. Scorpio are unlikely to look after themselves, as well as looking out for others. This is quite a peculiar zodiac sign, which means that their problems are also quite extraordinary. In fact, the time period between January and August 2016 is fearless for Scorpio concerning at least health aspect. At this point you can hardly pick up any infection; even the male sex during their “spring activity” can allow themselves a few unreasonable adventures. But only a few! Otherwise, you can receive a vicious scolding from father Mars. Seriously though, your immune system will be extremely strengthened at this point, and the things will turn out to go perfectly well. There is no need, however, to turn on the “God mode”, because in the end you are still vulnerable to diseases; the thing is that your chances of getting ill are less lower than everybody else’s. This means you can easily walk around a hospital with no fear of catching an infection. This also means that you can ignore colds to some extent, assuming that this it fade away on its own. But don’t you take this as a piece of advice, this is just a general characteristic of this time period! Don’t you forget that you can still easily get fever during epidemic, don’t do anything stupid. If you do not fall into doing downright unreasonable things, you can live through the first half of 2016 without a single sneeze. Again, figuratively speaking.

The beginning of autumn will bring in some changes. Meaning that some things will definitely change, but to what extent depends fully on you. Perhaps, you will have to make a certain choice at the end of August, and it is most likely that it will concern your private life. It might sound surprising, but the choice you are to make will directly affect your health. However, there is nothing extraordinary in this case, since physical issue is a dim reflection of your inner problem. Esoteric followers see it as the destruction of inner energy body followed by the destruction of the physical one. That’s why if you notice some health issues, you will definitely know what’s going on. Indeed, people, who are always fighting in their families, are feeling bad more often; they are always surrounded by quarrels and routine issues. And all this “filth” keeps on accumulating, and it’s better not to think about the consequences in this case. It’s even better to prevent this from happening! That is why it’s crucial to pay more attention to yourself throughout the second half of 2016; listen to your own feelings. Your physical state will turn into a sort of a lighthouse, which should play the key role, when you are to make decisions. Don’t try to solve your health problems by shoving a bag of medication down your throat. Sometimes good old “granny’s broth” has a far greater effect. Of course, if you are absolutely sure who and made it, and how it works.


For the zodiac sign Taurus, the year 2016 will be a fairly stable time. No doubt, there will be a number of twists and turns and some challenging situations, but, on the whole, positive and constructive events will prevail over the negative ones. The first thing that is worth nothing is the strengthened influence of the Moon, which is traditionally responsible for the blossoming of the vitality of Taurus. In other words, according to the 2016 horoscope for Taurus, the Moon indicates what Taurus is willing to acquire and what they are devoid of in a given period. It’s hard to tell how strong the influence of this celestial object on the lives of the representatives of your zodiac sign will be, but there is no doubt that you, dear Taureans, can still count on strong and dynamic support in really complex situations. This is a nice bonus rather than a definite basis which you can reasonably rely on while planning any event. Count only on your own strength and do your best, and maybe then (and only then!) at certain moments, when you are just a couple of steps away from the desired goal, can you get some help. And not from some sort of a “superhero”, but from those who are close to you. The Moon is to largely determine your social circle, to teach you to control your emotions and to steer your desires in an advantageous direction.

One must point out that from the beginning of 2016 to about mid-May, the Moon will exert a rather indirect influence. Moreover, Pluto, a dark planet with devastating powers, will affect the lives of Taurus in the winter and early spring. It is not difficult to guess that this fact will not bring about the most positive time in the life of Taurus. It will be necessary to mobilize all your resources and by no means succumb to provocations, even if they come from those who you’ve known for a long time and you have become accustomed to. As a matter of fact, even friendship, which is seemingly strong, incredibly powerful and almost indestructible, can easily turn into hostility and even open animosity. Best friends make the best enemies. This has nothing to do with Tom and Jerry. The reality is usually more serious and large-scale. With this being said, the psychology of men is pretty simple: they come across a problem, do some punching and face smashing, then go to a bar to “heal the wounds” and go back to being friends again. Women’s tactics, especially Taurus-women, are much more complicated. But this doesn’t at all suggest that it is necessary to adhere to the biblical commandment of forgiveness. Let’s face it; if a person is really bad and low, then any sort of respect for them is out of the question.

Starting from the end of May to the end of June, there will come a time when the Moon, the current patron of Taurus, will exert its full force, and the dynamics of its positive effects will be maximal. This means that in the first half of the summer, it is better to try to solve the maximum number of questions related to your personal relationships. You should not be afraid of irrevocable decisions and drastic measures. Sometimes, it is really the most acceptable way, which literally frees your hands. Tauruses tend to make things “more complicated” due to the features of their character, and their excessive emotionality can also, as they say, add fuel to fire. But not all of this is the responsibility of Taurus, so it is enough to realize the harmfulness of ongoing events; this apprehension will assist you in reaching a rational conclusion that in turn will help you find a compromise. Everything will go well if you learn to control your feelings and give preference to your reason rather than your emotions. This doesn’t at all suggest that you need to become an “insensitive jerk”, and a “maestro of logic”. Try to find a balance, a fine line between the two eternal warring parties. This is the path to success.

The period starting from the second half of the summer of 2016 to early fall (until the very end of September) will mark the transition of the representatives of the zodiac sign Taurus to a fundamentally new phase in their world perception. As a matter of fact, this will affect only those Tauruses who were the most candid and honest with themselves at a previous stage. Without going into metaphysics, it is enough to say that everything comes to karma. If, throughout the first half of 2016, you acted “appropriately”, then you are now welcome to reap delicious and fruitful benefits. Who is there to judge your actions? Of course, it’s up to you, or rather your conscience. The period in late summer and early fall of 2016 will allow you to objectively evaluate yourself and reflect on all your actions that were produced recently. You will feel that you are now able to analyze such volumes of data that previously were out of your reach or unavailable for perception. We are not talking only about “dry” information, but also about the feelings and experiences of others. All this will occur due to the increase of the dynamics of Venus, which will be backed up by a still incredibly strong, though “fading”, Moon.

The end of fall and the winter of 2016 will not bring any significant changes to lives of Tauruses, except for some changes that are possible to occur in their professional field. But things will develop here quite individually and can vary considerably. It is important to be aware that on the whole, the period of the final months of 2016 will be stable and calm for the representatives of Taurus. You will be able to become fully conscious of all the events that have taken place this year and sum up the outcome of your actions. In general, it is quite logical, but you should not think that with the end of the year a specific stage of your life will be over. Firstly, the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese horoscope, will end on January 27th, 2017. Many of us have somehow overlooked this small detail. And secondly, there are indications specifically in the horoscope for Taurus that December of 2016 will be the time of fundamentally different processes, novel and largely obscure ones. This might be associated with your transition to a new workplace, or your self-awareness may well move to a fundamentally different level. Do not be afraid of changes; give them a warm and brave welcome, and, if necessary, make space for them in your life. It’s time you got rid of your old and inefficient communications as well as your unwanted personal traits and past mistakes. The end of 2016 will give you a chance to look at the same processes at a radically different angle, and you will really gain a lot from it.

The love horoscope for 2016 indicates that many with the zodiac sign Taurus will have a lot of interesting and bright adventures, especially in the first half of the year. Among the celestial objects that will wield their influence, mostly on your sensory-emotional state, it is worth pointing out Venus and Pluto, with the latter playing the role of a “bad cop”. Particularly noteworthy is the Moon, which will play the dominant role. On the whole, the year will be successful in all respects, but your “love life” will require more hard work, especially, as we have said, at the beginning of the year.

From January to April, the situation will develop in the best way. Your excessive emotionality will be the main stumbling block that will not allow you to establish relations with the one you wanted. If you are single, then the beginning of 2016 will not bring any exceptional events that need to be seriously taken into account. In fact, for singles this time will be characterized by more promiscuity. If you are quite satisfied with this state of things, then there is nothing else to add. If you experience a bright and powerful desire to finally “settle down”, it means it’s time for you to restrain your ardour and radically change your life. Maybe you should knock off the booze and partying. Or, on the contrary, it is time to put an end to your “stay at home” behaviour and lead a more active social life. Each individual Taurus will face their own unique situation and there is no joint action plan here.

From May to the end of August 2016, don’t dream about life changing for the better. On the contrary, everything gets more complicated, and you’ll have to go through a lot of tests; in this respect your sensory-emotional sphere will be directly linked to the spiritual one. Do not be afraid to surrender to your feelings when it comes to some internal and intuitive desires; but at the same time, as you might think, ignore the banal “butterflies in the stomach”. You’ll have time for it later. It will be nice to devote more time to yourself. No one will fall in love with your deep and diverse inner world at first glance. Jogging and going to the gym are examples of some great ways to sublimate your creative energy, so join in.

During the final stage of 2016, namely from autumn to winter, the situation should go back normal. Of course, again, everything depends on you (who would have thought otherwise, eh?). The more ambitious and persistent you get, the more bright moments will await you. Do not doubt that you will meet your “soul mate” at this time, if that’s a strong desire for you. If you are not sure that’s what you want, then nothing will happen and your life will go on as usual. The main thing for you this year is to learn to master your emotions. Sometimes it is necessary first to see the broader picture, and only then take a fighting stance.

The work aspect of this zodiac sign’s representatives will be marked by a significant influence of the Moon, which is one of the traditional protectors of Taurus. On the one hand, this is quite a positive point, since support is much appreciated in any case. At the same time, the Moon itself is the concentrated essence of diverse feelings and emotions. And you’ve guessed it right, that this celestial body might encounter certain issues when facing Mercury, being in the upcoming year the main supporter of all zodiac signs without exception. This means, specifically for Taurus representatives, that you will have to try really hard to win the favour of the royal ruler of terrestrial and celestial trade routes. It’s not that it is impossible, but your emotions, explosive temper and impulsion will be in your way.

Overall, Taurus can expect the first half of the upcoming year of 2016 to be marked by an increased dynamic influence of Mercury, meaning that their career path will turn out to be quite extraordinary. The influence of Pluto will reveal itself as well by mid-May. This is why you’d better lay low up until June. If you’ve made up your mind about leaving your current job and starting your own business, you’d better hold your horses. Even if you have everything planned, just wait a bit, it will turn out for better in the end. There’s no need to risk at this point; besides, the stakes are rather high, since Pluto is a quite powerful and unpredictable planet, which shouldn’t be provoked. So, you have a good half of the year to think things over, analyse your actions, make plans for future and accumulate resources. By the end of the second half of June you will gain knowledge and skills necessary for building your future.

The summer of 2016 will naturally become a transition period. Old projects will be finished, and you will finally vanquish the so-called worn out connections. Your career path will gain solid stability and you will have a clear understanding of “why” and “where” to go. Of course, this time period depends heavily on your previous decisions at the beginning of the year and during mid-spring. Keep in mind the crucial warning from stars: control your emotions. Perhaps, your feelings will be in your way making you doubt your own choice. You are the one to decide, of course, but since logic and the voice of reason team up to rule the upcoming year, it’s better to push your emotions into the background. It especially concerns those, who are bright and active explorers with no fear of investigating new trackless ways.

Autumn and winter of 2016 are expected to be the most stable time period concerning your professional life. A dynamic development is most likely in question at this point, you will grow roots at your new working place (or a new position). Of course, you shouldn’t bring to the table changes that contradict your life goals. But conservatism is considered the worst of human “habits” for a reason. Try to find a balance, reach harmony that will originate from your inner self and not from some outside source. This way you will be able to achieve great productivity.

Financial aspect will cast a shadow of instability on the lives of Taurus’ representatives in 2016. Regardless of the fact that by the end of the year you are most likely to increase your in-come, it will be tough for you in general. The thing is that this life period is marked by a great influence of the Moon and Venus. However, the celestial goddess of love will reveal its impact only in the second half of the upcoming year, so we’ll get back to that later. Throughout January-May period you will have to be grateful for what you have, as they say. No significant changes in financial aspect of your life are expected. It doesn’t mean, however, that you are going to face the stagnant stage. Quite on the contrary, both emotional and work related aspects will be filled with a whole bunch of events, most of which might be remarkably crucial. How-ever, they will have small to no effect on your financial state.

By the upcoming period of April, single Taurus’ representative might notice a significant lack of finances, which is due to a quite understandable fact: spring period is the “love period”. However, serious financial issues are not in question in this case; though it’s better to slow down a bit, since the support of the Moon does provide you with certain bonuses, it doesn’t guarantee you, however, a 100% safety from all the problems. The first half of the upcoming year warns Taurus to stay put in all meanings; otherwise, they are risking wasting all their energy. You have to learn to distribute available resources wisely. This doesn’t mean you have to forget about “friends’ Friday night-outs”. All you need to do is to handle your finances more carefully. Besides, by the end of June you’d better form a sufficient reserve fund, because the beginning of autumn will bring you a great opportunity to improve your financial state significantly.

August will turn out to be a transition period and there’s no reason to focus your attention much on it at this point. This time around Venus will gradually increase its impact, and the Moon, on the contrary, will slightly loosen its control over your life. As a result, by the first half of September you will notice significant changes around you. This will become a certain signal for you to take action, which you have to implement immediately. This time you will have to make a great effort concerning your professional sphere. If you make right decisions, you will yield significant results by the beginning of December. You will be able to surprise everyone, including yourself. Of course, this will be a pleasant surprise, specifically crucial for your business. If you don’t have your own business running, you should probably think of changing your current position. If there are no such possibilities, or the chances are too dim, perhaps it is time for you to think of looking for a new job. Or, better even, starting your own business; 2016 will be promoting such ideas even at its end. So, you will get a handful of opportunities, it’s only about your desire.

Exceptional, significant events are hardly expected in 2016 for people born under the Taurus sign. However, certain actions may lead to a bunch of least expected consequences. Yet, for now let’s focus more on the health aspect of the Taurus’ representatives. As for physical health, one can rarely expect Taurus to be “as fit as a butcher’s dog”. People born under this sign have a quite strong immune system, but it can hardly stand for “phenomenal”. It means that one should not play footsie with one’s health. Jumping into an ice-hole a few times is a great way to harden oneself, but staying in icy water for half an hour just to show off in front of others is something way different. In other words, the Taurus’ physical strength in 2016 will fully depend on their own ability to look out for themselves. The first half of the year, up until the end of spring, might be marked by a work injury. Even if you consider your job to be the safest in the world, you should be on the lookout.

As for the emotional aspect, it seems that nothing in 2016 can knock the Taurus for a loop. Depression and spleen are unlikely to capture you, even during autumn, which is the most favourable period for these “pleasant” things to happen. Unfortunately, this cannot be applied to other zodiac signs. Nonetheless, Taurus could not care less about this. In case Taurus suddenly decides to join the “depression club”, one can be certain that this time period will be marked by a great slowdown of both work and life pace. None of celestial bodies will affect you in any way (with a minor exception, please see below), which means that either you or people around you are the causes of all your troubles. In fact, in most cases the first option is usually the key. However, as we have mentioned above, Taurus in 2016 are not expected to be exposed to any emotional anomaly.

In terms of mental equilibrium, the second half of 2016, autumn in particular, is considered to be the most balanced one. This time of year one can put aside the fears related to health. However, one should still stay on the lookout. Traditional sinking into decay, characteristic of middle and late autumn, may cause colds (which is not surprising at all, right?) and exacerbation of chronic diseases associated with the nervous system. In general, you can easily stay healthy and fit, keep mind balance and live in harmony throughout the year. You won’t need any extra effort; all you need is a bit of attention, first of all to yourself. But, of course, you should not focus on this aspect too much. Otherwise, you will end up being a plain selfish person.


For Virgos the year of 2016 can be described as a positive phase of life, not particularly dynamic, but intense, the outcome of which could be reasonably bright and beneficial. Everything will depend largely on the ability of Virgos to overcome the dark side of their own nature. In this regard, we are not dealing here with some kind of “subtle” metaphysics, but with real actions. In general, as they say, use your “brains” and do not miss out on the chance to make the world around you a little better. A surprisingly ambiguous zodiac sign, Virgo, according to the horoscope for 2016, will experience a powerful, in fact, even abnormal exposures to Mercury. Roughly speaking, the situation will be in full compliance with the proverb: You’ll have to work hard to see your rewards


From January to mid-April (or to be more precise, until the end of the second decade of this month of spring) you will have to work, as they say, tooth and nail, but everything will turn out exactly the way it should. This will be especially true if at the end of the last year you went through a kind of radical change in your life; not spontaneous, but a planned one. Of course, first of all it will concern your working field, which is why the enhanced impact of energy flows of Mercury will come in handy. You will take pleasure from your work, perhaps for the first time in your life! If we are talking about the Virgos who run their own business, then for them everything will be pretty standard. Up till the middle of spring, you will feel an incredible surge, an upbeat fountain of energy and more importantly, you will be able to “charge” people around you with this energy. If you are not self-employed but hold a high-ranking position, this time will be incredibly advantageous for you. You will be able to gather a surprisingly bright and powerful team of professionals around you that will make your career advancement possible in the near future. Things won’t be so successful for Virgos who hold low-ranking and ordinary positions. That is, you will be truly in love with your job too, grinding away like a true dwarf, but the outcome in most cases will be quite expected without any extraordinary profits on your horizon. At the same time you will need to pay particular attention to the sphere of your personal relations. It’s unlikely that you will catch your wife or husband cheating, but it’s better to display more warmth, tenderness and affection towards your partner as well as the above mentioned attention and control.

From the end of April of 2016 and up to the peak of summer, the situation will change dramatically. And even despite having a strong inner core, so typical of all Virgos, many of them, as they say, can go soft. Do not be surprised and take it easy if your holiday unexpectedly fails due to another fad of your “second half”. The stars tell us that you have two options. On the one hand, your relationships should have come to their logical conclusion, though not very positive, a long time ago; on the other one, it is your excessive selfishness that you need to blame for everything. As the saying goes, think and decide for yourself. But despite the relatively high probability of the occurrence of such a situation, the sphere of your personal relations at this stage will be incredibly successful for you. It’s a fact, albeit inexplicable! Or maybe you will finally get rid of the relationship that was literally “killing” you. This is a very individual matter and two similar situations are unlikely to be found here. Your horoscope only identifies general features of the picture, forms unique patterns that only you can fill in. You might end up going on vacation (by the way, it is best not to plan trips abroad at this time) and meet your destiny; you didn’t think this happens only in movies, did you? On the contrary! Romance and reality are pretty much compatible, especially if you want it with all your heart. The large corporations claim that “dreams come true”, and it should be noted that this advertising does make sense. If are not sure about something, take your time and think it over. Analyze your feelings and emotions, but it is logical to put your reason at the forefront of the struggle, despite the tendency of the current stage to go towards shameless romance. This will definitely be the right decision, especially if you take into account that your working area will suffer from some misunderstanding, not large-scale, but still requiring a timely decision.

The next stage in 2016 will strike Virgos as probably the most tranquil. The fall and early winter will merge into a single phase, which will be characterized by quite a harmonious state of your “love life” and positive trends in your working area. That is, all the moments that were relevant throughout the current year will find their development, though not dynamic, but stable enough. If you have previously laid the foundation for steady growth in your financial well-being, then by the beginning of the winter you come out strong and this position will help you and your business prosper. As far as your personal relations are concerned, your new acquaintances and connections are unlikely to bring about the desired results. However, if it comes to making the choice of whether to continue your relationship or not, do not rush to make fundamental decisions, particularly regarding the issues that have once hurt you. It’s clear that you are a skilful jack-of-all-trades, but there are players who might be even more skilled than you. So do not gamble too much, even if it seems to you that you are on top of your game, because the decisions made in this period will have a lasting impact. Mercury will no longer be as strong as before, but Venus, on the other hand, will get activated and will specifically target the “weaknesses” in your “defence”.

Take it easy if something goes wrong in 2016; refrain from pulling your hair or tearing your shirt. Everything will be in a state of harmony, and what will be required from you is a sober mind and goodwill. You’ll need to suppress your selfish tendencies and hide them far away; otherwise, your spiritual search may end up in total degradation. Your horoscope recommends that the representatives of the zodiac sign of Virgo turn to their inner world, focusing on the self-improvement of their perception and the eradication of their negative traits and qualities. The time will come when you realize that there is a need for change.

For Virgos, 2016 will be unforgettable in the scope of sensory-emotional relationships. This time will be filled with the most vivid and unusual experiences, which you, perhaps, have not even dreamed of. This can be explained primarily by the intensification of Venus, which has, in its normal position, a rather negative influence on the representatives of this zodiac sign. However, nothing lasts forever, and the celestial love goddess sometimes changes her desires to reflect the complete opposite of what she wanted before. In 2016, the dynamics of its impact on the lives of Virgos will be simply unreal. It may go so far that even the most notorious “tomcat” suddenly decides to get married! Of course, there is the probability of the opposite situation happening, but it does not matter at the moment. Keep in mind that your “love life” will reach its highest peak of activity in the spring, which is quite logical, right? The situation will get more complicated by the fact that your emotions will get completely out of control, and you’ll have to work really hard to regain your balance. Thus, it is better to start working in this direction in the first months of the year, i.e. from January to February, when all of the most vibrant and large-scale events are yet to start gaining momentum.

By summer the situation won’t stabilize, but it will definitely be easier for you to keep up with your hormones and spiritual aspirations. You shouldn’t assume that now everything will be subject to carnal desires. Quite the contrary, you can quite frankly fall in love about fifty times a year. And you can’t expect all this to have a clearly negative impact. Of course, if you are married, the negative vector is obvious. But if we are talking about a single Virgo, with no obligations, then everything will turn out quite interestingly. The first half of 2016 will give you a lot of really “fascinating” moments, which you will then remember for the rest of your life. Summer will be the time of romance; that is why it makes sense to go on vacation in summer, as there is a real possibility of meeting your “soul mate.” This encounter can be really beautiful and spectacular. Just don’t overdo it with your “small weaknesses”; otherwise the result can take a completely opposite turn from what was expected.

Fall and winter of 2016 will be relatively harmonious; your emotional state will stabilize and you will clearly calm down. However, this does not mean that all the fun ends with the arrival of the cold season. Suffice to recall “the heat” that you were given by Venus at the beginning of the year. Of course, moderate hedonism is hardly a negative phenomenon that requires global condemnation. So you may well begin to realize all your desires, as long as they do not limit the desires of others. No doubt, Venus will help you in your good endeavours.

Virgo representatives can expect the work aspect of the upcoming year of 2016 to be a quite effective, bright and successful, though a bit unstable period. The thing is that the patron of this time period is the traditional supporter of people born under this zodiac sign. Of course, Mercury is in question at this point. This means that you can expect various additional “bonuses” at the least expected “moments”. For example, you are appointed to a new high-ranking position, which itself is quite a success since your paycheques and responsibilities are taken to a new level; at this point your “bonus” reveals itself as a both beautiful and significantly smart secretary. That is indeed a rather useful “bonus”! However, as you might have already guessed, nothing comes out of thin air, so you will have to work your fingers to the bone. Fortunately, the first half of the year, mainly up until the June-July period, will gladly help you with that. A powerful and intense energy flow will flood your inner self from the very first days of January; it is crucial to direct this flow towards work to achieve maximum productivity. At the same time, the situation will hardly have anything to surprise you with, since during the previous time period you’ve done everything to give, as they say, a crouch start in the new year, meaning that you have strong motivation and a powerful energy impulse. That’s why you can focus solely on work up until the middle of the warm season of the year. Your competitors will hardly cause you any trouble, but of course, they will do their best to interfere with your success. There’s no need to hold a grudge against them; fate will teach them a lesson. After a few failed schemes your competitors as well as other ill-wishers will abandon their idea to interfere with anybody’s business. The key point is to stay strong and follow our own path regardless of circumstances.

The June-July period of 2016 will bring gradual, though dramatic changes to the situation. At first you will feel a significant decrease of your work pace; this will affect both your own productivity and business development on the whole. At this point it’s crucial by all means to avoid the following mistake: trying to keep up the initial work pace at any cost. First of all, you won’t be able to achieve that regardless of the cost you are ready to pay for it. Second of all, it is important to understand the situation itself: your productivity is not decreasing at all, it gets back to its usual rhythm, since the first half of the year was marked by an increased dynamics. This is caused, in the first place by the fact that Mercury won’t have such a great effect on your life as before; its energy flows will be far from significant as opposed to the previous time period. This means that you need to adjust to a new rhythm and reform your business accordingly. If you are a regular office worker, then there’s no need for you to make fuss about it, even if your boss’ tasks become less challenging with no strict deadlines. Overall, this half of the year promises to be a lot more calmer, which will help you to balance out all the projects and achieve all your goals with no rush.

Throughout the upcoming year the representatives of this zodiac sign can rely on the support of a great variety of celestial bodies, mainly on Mercury, which is considered to be the patron of this sign. Needless to say that this brings to the table a lot of positive affects, which concern specifically financial sphere, since this is where Mercury usually focuses its impact. Taking into account this fact, the upcoming year for Virgo representatives can be divided into two stages, each marked by a number of separate characteristics and peculiarities.

The second decade of January will announce the start of the first stage, which will end with the beginning of the first decade of July. Yes, this quite a long period taking up almost half of the year. Throughout this time your money-belt will grow a lot fatter, and key tendencies at work will follow a gradual and harmonious path. At this point your present will depend greatly on the choices you’ve made earlier, so some of crucial moments will be solely individual. Concerning more universal tendencies, it is important to say that at this point you might need your diplomatic skills. You will need to combine wisely your household expenses with long-term investments, that’s why you shouldn’t get distracted by less important moments. Your significant other with a recently acquired passion for luxurious life will become your main distraction at this point. The situation will be quite uneasy, that’s why you will have to use the great power of speeches to find a solution. Don’t turn this situation, however, into an open confrontation; otherwise, the result will be quite opposite to the one you’d expect. Of course, single Virgo representatives won’t face this kind of problems.

Mid-summer will force you to adjust to new circumstances relatively quickly and you will need to stay alert up until the end of 2016. Mercury will stop providing you with powerful positive energy flows, that’s why your overall energy tone will considerably weaken. Drastic changes are not in question at this point; it’s more about getting back to your norm, though it might seem to others that your work pace has decreased dramatically. In fact, everything will be just great and a relative decrease in production rates will be something quite expected, so there will be no need to drive your co-workers too hard trying to get back on the same dynamic track that was characteristic of the first half of the year. You need to play the role of “a good cop” in this case, because first of all, this way you will yield better results, i.e. get maximum productivity and, second of all, this behaviour suits you best, even if your thoughts on this were different before. By the end of the year you will need to make great effort, since most promising deals always imply serious competitiveness. However, if you get yourself prepared beforehand, somewhere around the beginning of autumn, you can increase your chances greatly and ensure yourself a steady growth of resources.

The upcoming year might seem not the easiest one for the representatives of this zodiac sign. However, everything will fit in perfectly well, starting from the very beginning of 2016. January will get you piled up with a bunch of most diverse tasks. Don’t run away from them, get your hands on every single one of them. Dynamics and restless work are extremely important for your health at this point. Even if you feel slightly worse, don’t you even think of quitting. A mild cold along with depression is not a reason to quit your job, especially if it makes you happy. Try to lower your pace, just a little bit, so that it won’t affect your health. You will start feeling better a lot faster and at the same time, you won’t miss out important steps requiring your personal handling.

The middle of the year, around April-July period, will slightly change your perspective of how a truly healthy person should look and feel. Perhaps, you will go a bit off the hooks. You will finally start paying your health the necessary attention, but it doesn’t mean that you will become a regular at local polyclinics. You will feel a great longing for self-improvement, concerning, perhaps, not only the physical aspect, but at the moment we are not focusing on other aspects. This is not the time to close out this urge; instead, you need to follow it. Join the gym, enrol in a yoga class, start running in the mornings, or better yet, in the evenings. On the whole, no extra effort is needed, you can start with simple morning exercises, especially if you have never (or “for quite a while”, which is the same as “never” in this case) done those. This will make you feel far better, increase your defensive mechanism against viruses and raise your labour productivity. Actually, you can stick to your regular routine, but you should be prepared to spend a lot on medication, since your immune system will get quite upset in that case.

The end of a warm season will be marked by a transition to a more stable, in this case final stage. Up until the end of the year you won’t need to make any extra effort; it will be a great plus if you do not quit with your activities that you have picked up during summer. This is crucial, since autumn will take down your defensive mechanisms. Vitamin deficiency is not in question here; the thing is that Mercury will suddenly change the polarity of its impact and in combination with other celestial bodies will cast the least positive light on your health. Of course, Mercury is not the one to blame, but the fact is that this will be the riskiest period of time for you; meaning that the risk of getting various diseases will increase. And in this case quite serious diseases are in question; it’s not about a trivial cold. So, stay on the lookout, and think twice before you plunge into the October river to get a volleyball after some of your picnic friends accidentally threw it there.


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